Gang Garrison 2 - The Moddern Update.

Good things tend to take a while, but if we are stubborn enough, we get there eventually.


In this spirit, ladies and gentlemen, I present you the Finally Update!

Server-sent plugins

Plugins are very powerful, especially ones that change the game heavily. Until now, server operators have relied on carrier pidgeons to tell players individually to install the same plugins, as missing plugins on the client would cause problems while playing.
Due to a recent ban of carrier pidgeons in the badlands, we've decided to implement a new solution: Now, servers can tell clients exactly which plugins to use, and they will be downloaded* automatically.

* Note: plugins hosted by ajf. Downloading plugins has implicit contractual handover of soul. Plugin repository may sometime dissolve into the fires of hell.


Have you ever been annoyed that your team consisted of five spies and a ninja cat? Well, now we have a solution! Servers can set classlimits now, so your team will only have three spies now. And two spectators.

New CTF rules

Teams arguing

People have argued for centuries over the meaning of "overtime". Eventually, the wars and confusion this has caused for Capture the Flag have forced us to use our iron fists to amend its rules. Now, they're stricter. If easier to understand. Reaching the capture limit now immediately ends the match, in your favor. Overtime is only used in order to prevent stalemates, and if a team seems likely to capture soon.

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  • Finally added class limits
  • Finally added UPnP port-forwarding
  • Finally fixed going down stairs
  • Finally made autobalance actually work
  • Finally added rewards for the 2012 Haxxy Awards
  • Added recoil animations
  • Added server-sent plugins
  • Modified CTF win conditions to make stalemates and overtime more rare
  • Made various balance tweaks
  • Updated dkoth_sixties and ctf_conflict
  • Added automatic player tracking when spectating and click to change tracked player
  • Prevented cloaked spies from going through solid objects