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Author Topic: Lists of known plugins  (Read 10306 times)


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Lists of known plugins
« on: December 03, 2017, 08:05:19 am »

These lists should give you an overview of the plugins which are available.

Server-sent Plugins (maintained by ajf)
These are plugins which are configured by a server, and required for all players who want to play on that server. They may change the gameplay, or contain features which require modifications to the networking protocol, or that would give an unfair advantage if only some players had them turned on. Examples are chat, infinite ammo and low gravity. See this topic for more details.

Client-side Plugins (maintained by PrOF)
These are plugins that modify or enhance the game mostly in cosmetic ways, so they don't require all players to have them. Examples are HUD improvements and damage indicators, but also engine improvements like the Delta Time plugin and connections to external services like Itemserver.
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