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Author Topic: Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]  (Read 12036 times)


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« on: July 21, 2012, 04:57:31 pm »

What this board is for:
This board is for discussion of implementations, projects or experimental builds that plan to be included in vanilla soon, but need technical discussions concerning the implementations.
It's also a board to discuss general development practices, plans and methods.

What NOT to post:

  • New ideas or requests (go to Feature Requests for that)
  • Mods or things that aren't meant for the vanilla game (go to Mods or New Projects for that)
  • Off-topic things (go to General Chatter or topic-specific board for that)
  • Spam, useless threads and general dicking around (go to Nirvana for that)
Of course everything mentioned in the General Forum Rules also applies here.

For help regarding miscellaneous GML problems, please use the Mods GML Help thread.
For specific help on for example Git, use the appropriate threads.

If there's any questions about whether something is allowed or not, any disagreements, any kind of critiques to me etc... please post them here.

Thank you.
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