Gang Garrison 2 - The Moddern Update.
Introducing the new "Dual King of the Hill" game mode.

You know how to play King of the Hill. Well, what about King of the TWO hills? That's right, in this brand-spankin' new gamemode, you can forcefully seize control over two well-formed mounds just like your forefathers did. The TF team should take notes, everyone knows that the true way to win people over is with hills.

The Generator Upgrade

It's a brand-spankin' old gamemode that our crack scientists decided to revive with a bolt of lightning and lots of AA batteries. Unlike our 3-dimensional counterparts, we at Faucet have a special policy. That policy is: "No Game Mode Left Behind*." Will a revamp save this game mode from mediocrity and have it part ways with Territory Control? We personally have no idea, but we can still gloat to the TF team about it.

To cut to the chase, these volatile generators recently had damage-resisting shields installed. As with all things Made in China, they're prone to breaking -- go figure. But that's nothing that duct tape and time won't heal.

*Except Arena

Introducing: Mods Lobby

Are you a programmer? Do you enjoy modding open-source games? Do you not really give a damn and just want to play cool mods that someone else made? Well, the lobby now allows all players to view modded servers in the list. If you see a server hosting a mod that you might like, just download it and jump right into the fray.*

*Warning: Faucet is not responsible for any maiming, violation or humiliation expericenced in the fray.

Be free, direct, independent
Don't let the system* control you!

Remember how you went to a party but were told to go to the store to get your own party hat? I don't either, but it makes a good analogy. Now, you can get your hat directly from your gracious hat-distributing hosts. Except instead of hats, it's custom maps. Who needs image hosters when you can download maps directly from the server?

Before: Client -> Locator file -> Image hosting service. Now: Client -> Server
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  • New game mode: Dual King of the Hill
  • Revamped game mode: Generator
  • Custom maps are directly downloaded from servers
  • Lobby layout supports modded servers
  • Humiliation animations
  • Improved screenshot functionality
  • Three new menu music tracks
  • A slew of balance changes
  • A slew of bugfixes
Map changes:
  • Added one-way door entities
  • Added dkoth_atalia and dkoth_sixties
  • Updated ctf_conflict
  • Updated gen_destroy
  • Setup gates are now compatible with Arena, KotH, and DKotH
  • Forward spawns are now compatible with KotH and DKotH