Greetings, Mercenaries.
Ray Bann is my name.

     For the last three years I've been observing the excuse of a contest that you all know as the Haxxies.
To be quite frank, it is abhorrent to see the sheer lack of appreciation that fool Haxton Sale has towards the men who fight the bitland wars in his stead; and instead, it is only the exclusive few, hand picked by him, who parade the battlefield with their 'exclusive' spoils of war.

    But here, at Bann Mercantile Group, we understand that each and every one of you mercs deserves the recognition in the art of war. Together, we can create history; we will overthrow the monopoly that is Haxton Sale and his Haxxies; and we will bestow the accolades that all should rightfully deserve. But I need your help.

    In the following seven weeks, there are various personal missions that you should complete while on the front line, as well as your garrison that is the forums. Hopefully you brought a bullet-proof camera, because you'll need to provide evidence of your completion.

I will grant you all credits for your deeds, and there is also quite the incentive as you collect more funds - let us leave it as a humble piece of headwear for your commitment to the cause. If that does not entice you enough, perhaps our own legally sourced stockpile of Haxton masks and 100% genuine canadium weapons will.

Rest assured, as you mercs fight for your credits, I will invest an equal amount into making our grand group large enough to buy out Haxton's pitiful Fredmann Co. Remember gentlemen, if you want a future where you, and I mean EACH and EVERY one of you, will earn a medal for the war effort, support OUR great cause. Together, we can BANN Fredmann Co! Don't just be a merc, be a Mercantile.

I await with great pleasure...