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Author Topic: [Client-Side] CasterTools (TourneyTools)  (Read 1242 times)


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[Client-Side] CasterTools (TourneyTools)
« on: March 17, 2021, 08:55:50 am »

CasterTools client-side TourneyTools plugin
TourneyTools are a series of plugins created for tournament and competitive play.
Version: 1

Description: Plugin based caster HUD and tools for spectating and recording/casting competitive matches.

To use it, download CasterTools.gml and place it in your Plugins folder.

It is not recommended to use this plugin unless you are intending to cast or spectate a match.
This plugin overlaps with some minor features of DSM, but should not cause any compatibility issues.

  • Minimal HUD showing all players and their status on the right side of the screen
    • Designed to add as little visual noise as possible while clearly showing the most essential information, such as intel carrier and heal / uber targets
  • Win Counter - Tracks the number of wins each team has to improve the viewer experience
    • Wins can be manually adjusted and reset in the options menu, and the display can be turned off
  • MVP for each team is highlighted with a crown
    • MVP is calculated by a unique formula designed to better weight actions valued in competitive play
(click to show/hide)
  • Hold space to smoothly pan the camera towards your cursor, the further away it is the faster it moves
    • Space can be changed to a different key in the options
  • High resolution mode - Increases resolution to 720p for better recording and viewing (off by default, highly recommended for recording)
    • You cannot join a team with this enabled, you must disable it and reconnect to the server or wait for a map change
  • Streamer Mode - Hides passwords and IP address as you enter them when connecting to a server (off by default)
  • Health bars shown above all players
  • Uber bar shown above all Medics
  • Option to show ammo bars for all players (off by default)
  • Option to always show player names above their character (on by default)
  • Prevents automatic AFK kicking while spectating
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