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Author Topic: [CSP] Emote Chat  (Read 401 times)


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[CSP] Emote Chat
« on: August 22, 2020, 12:56:37 pm »

EMOTE(bubble) CHAT

Have you ever wanted to talk to your teammates, but your server host or version doesn't have the chat plugin installed(-able)? Fear not, for this plugin solves your problems.

Using an extremely minimal UI and a simple protocol you can transfer binary data, or rather, TEXT, magically over to other people using this plugin!
  • How does it work?
Simple, really. Every character (assuming you're ANSI-compliant) uses a byte for storage, and this includes some non-ASCII characters, like Í and ё. Although there are a whopping 61 (62) emotes in the game, the plugin uses only 32 (aside from the header) to transfer 5 bits at a time instead of using base58 encoding that would bring a mathematician to joy, because I'm too dumb for that shit.
UTF-8 characters just get split up and sent over the network with no reassembly whatsoever (someone might implement this later).
  • What are the controls?
Press Y to start typing. Press enter to submit the message. Press pausebreak to stop being able to transmit messages, however you can still receive them (helps with the various serversent chat plugins).
You can also configure the size and position of emotechat by changing variables inside of the plugin.

This plugin is in an open beta. It could stand by every time you're in a server with a variation of chat, waiting for a pausebreak to toggle itself!

* Hosts can't interact with emotechat (requires modification of GameServer/processClientCommands)
* The chat log origin jumps to some random offscreen location on map change or plugin load (move it with the config variables)
* Interferes with chat/chatv2's window, usually forces priority onto itself (press Pause)

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Current contributors:

  • me
  • Orpheon, for reminding me that GML isn't as bad as ANSI C
  • PrOF, double checked the decoder

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