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Author Topic: tactical talk  (Read 340 times)

free crzy

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tactical talk
« on: August 10, 2020, 11:24:07 pm »

Attention razor 12 actual this is overlord we have munitions packaged for danger close, designate mocha-niner, Kingfish is EVA 31 minutes out. Frost King is NWA and we have liftoff on Friendly Dad Seven.

This is Friendly Dad Seven, the silly goose is in the kitchen, over. We are Coffee-Can negative, retrieving roller-niners from Golden Balls.

scoop the nest slowly,  rocky road up ahead, ice that frostie!! weve got smoothies on the ridge SMOOTHIES ON THE RIDGE!! get those cocoa mochas out of there.. Milk Frappes inbound with a cherry swirler drink on the humvee, all units locate codename Dyke Killer, info-cry uploaded your network now. Update Parkour Dude 91 is on-site, laser ghost gun, wheeler-dealer hell drinks.

Attention Parkour Dude 91 Weve got flavor-crystal assets onboard for the mission, over. Blast Processing Deep dish radar online to your HUD, coded Blu Bear Halo. Attention Parkour Dude we will need parkour snipers on-site for three-round-burst desert eagle bullet time.

This is Friendly Dad and Johnny Cash we are Razer Mice to wipe the slate clean. Got bright on all Kickflips, stand down we are wiping the slate clean. Incoming 40-40s dark-orange mauve purple yellow.

Kickflip rip this is Are You Afraid of The Dark, calling for immediate blast processing multi-feeder BBWs for exfil from holeshot 5-5. whippers are dropping trail mix over the hardsite, weve got Friendly Dad Actual coming in, clearance Prospero Ariel Sycorax.

Ripper Teeth Mauve this is Skrillex Actual, we are boarding on-level with clearance Deadly Passion, blast processing X-11 Hot-Eye Friendly Dad is KIA, over, I repeat Friendly Dad has been blown hard over enemy territory, RIP Friendly Dad 2011 he was a great dad, repeat Friendly Dad good kind man and loving family member Friendly Dad will be with us in our dreams and Harts, ordering all infantry that they will miss Friendly Dad and preserve his memory in their hearts over.

Zulu Alpha Coffee Table Dinner Time, I am a 14 year old.

Skrillex-Dyke-Laser-Gunner Zulu I am wearing wraparound oakleys and listening to drowning pool over. When this is over, over, Ill be weeping in a general assistance waiting line about how much i sacrificed over, but for now i am living out a wish-fulfillment fantasy of what I imagine to be John Cenas inner monologue when he pleasures himself, over.

Hunter X-Ray this is Sears Tower I am cooking dinner, coming in hard for dinner and closing all pantry doors. Have Waldorf Salad Munition on-site for immediate transpo-exfil to Foreman Grill Alpha. We need eyes on the soiled panties for phone numbers, getting all phone numbers now and calling the principal.

Toyota Cressida this is Town Fair Tire we need 114.3mm lug wrenches and Bridgestone Blizzaks, the customer has been waiting 20 minutes and we have to fulfill the half hour promise or the tires are free, how copy?

Sephiroth Tifa this is Diaper Boy we have multiple Barret Gun Arms in the Queer Eye. Queer eye is not Safe, parachut back for exfil and swish mouth with green laser eye rinse.

Diaper Boss HIV negative this is Mythbuster Parkour 11. Steampunk bogies have infected the launch pad. Pull Back and regroup with Wheeler-Dealer and Alpha Victor Cum Stud and nugget those hostiles.

Pipe Layer actual this is Toms of Maine. I am using concrete assets to smooth a layer of rich minerals. Oppositional intention unknown, operating with cement saw at the drillsite going for an A-Dread prospecting run with Microsoft Office 99, get me those dumptrucks to the quarry now and ill laser-target the payload to your tight little bottom, over.


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Re: tactical talk
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2020, 08:15:34 am »

Say again your last foxtrot Charlie, you came in broken and unreadable
I liek cats
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