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Author Topic: Gang Garrison 2: Balanced Edition | Better Than Autismode  (Read 1111 times)


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Gang Garrison 2: Balanced Edition | Better Than Autismode
« on: June 22, 2019, 04:35:38 am »

Greetings oldfags and oldfags alike, and welcome to the definitive balance mod for Gang Garrison 2.

Gang Garrison 2: Balanced Edition aims to make the game playable without having people that abuse the classes to gain an unfair advantage.
I've developed this modification for a while now, and i'm hoping that you'll enjoy the game more with the addition of actual balance to the game.

I've contacted YB, and we have agreed on him updating Parisian Paradise and pony_destination to run this mod, since i couldn't find any other hosts, if this mod becomes well liked, i might get someone else to host a permanent server.

Download the mod here. (Windows only)

    Features: (WIP. Not all of the features are currently featured on the page, i'll add the rest later on.)

:x11: :x21: Runner Changes:
+Refire rate increased.*
-Decreased movement speed.*

:x12: :x22: Firebug Changes:
~Flame particles are less randomized now.
-Flame Balls are no longer reflectable.
+Revolver bullets are now reflectable.

:x13: :x23: Rocketman Changes:
+Uber charge rate while rocketjumping is increased.
+You can't no longer not rocketjump while not ubered.

:x14: :x24: Overweight Changes:
+Sandvich now blocks stabs, allowing you to safely eat your sandviches when low on health.

:x15: :x25: Detonator Changes:
+Sticky Mines which shouldn't be visible, are now not visible.
+Arrested for being black.

:x16: :x26: Healer Changes:
~You can now uber charge when taunting, granting you an aditional second of uber for a second without being able to move.

:x17: :x27: Constructor Changes:
+You can now move your autogun, you have to stand exactly on the 3rd pixel to the right to pick it up.

:x18: :x28: Infiltrator Changes:
+Added costumes, that allow the player to hide as an enemy player.**
+You can now body block players while stabbing. Only works on teammates.

:x19: :x29: Rifleman Changes:
-You can no longer fire outside of you FOV (Field Of View).

:quote: :curly: Q/C Changes:
+Added a secret way to unlock the Fireball, have fun trying to find it!

 :z1: :z2: Other Changes:
+Added new in-game options to make gameplay easier.
+Permanently banned Ukraine.

*By 1 frame.
**Not currently implemented.

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Re: Gang Garrison 2: Balanced Edition | Better Than Autismode
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 02:06:12 am »

nice off-the-shelf malware (making a joke about how that's what mediafire thinks it is)

also you are required to include source code when distributing modified copies of gg2
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Re: Gang Garrison 2: Balanced Edition | Better Than Autismode
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2019, 04:16:55 pm »

media fire is an ass
Help I have no idea what I'm doing.
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