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Author Topic: old todo lists  (Read 1413 times)

Phantom Brave

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old todo lists
« on: February 14, 2019, 09:22:51 am »

many of these are already done, just posting these here for posterity
0) tic rewards (use rewardAuthSuccess)
1) fix spy stab passive visibility and decloak-shoot bug
2) fix jumping arc 60fps/30fps for good (check also: mines, bullets)
4) fix rocket explosion direction so it's never as if the rocket penetrated the player
6) look into control point desync bug
7) give DM players temporary invincibility if they don't spawn on spawnroom entities
5) fix sniper zoom / autogun initial sync bugs

3) add a high resolution clock to gg2dll and improve delta time

Intel sprites

- Fix spy stab passive invisibility
- Fix treatment of location of rockets that hit players (sentries, gates, floor etc still have old behavior)
- Make rockets deal minor direct knockback to who they hit, in addition to splash knockback. this knockback is EXTREMELY small and only serves to SLIGHTLY alter the trajectory given by uncentered rocket hits.
- Accidentally fixed the dropdown platform related "view bump" bug
- Made jumping perfectly framerate independent (exact same arc)
-- This indirectly makes non-jump knockback result in slightly higher arcs.
-- Spinjumping was also adjusted. The current spinjump emulation cannot be perfectly framerate independent, but it's better now.
- Fixed phantom spinjump dust

- Revert sniper penentration
- Nerf flame penetration, maybe nerf afterburn
- Reintroduce 201hp mechanic
- Disable passive health regen while being healed
- Make autoguns build slower past initial build period
- Maybe reduce rocketjump damage
- Maybe nerf stickyjumping with intel
- Nerf or remove the bubble penetration mechanic
- Nerf bubble-sticky interaction (slow instead of bounce?)

ladies and gentlemen i would like to announce that the fact of the matter is up that the fact of the matter is a fact and it matters
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