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Author Topic: [MHWr] The night before Hallowishmas  (Read 1771 times)


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[MHWr] The night before Hallowishmas
« on: December 26, 2015, 03:58:00 am »

The night before Hallowishmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the hills,
Not a sign of a merc, there was an absence of kills.
The bases were ready and the spawns were so too,
Yet this would soon change due to him. Who's this you ask? I'll tell you who...

The good ol' Saint Nick Was working away,
To get presents ready for the very next day.
It would soon be Christmas and all was going well,
If not for Saint-Trick and his dastardly spell.

Saint-Trick had devised a dubious scheme,
To become the top dog on the holiday scene.
He had brainwashed the world to forget ol' Saint Nick,
With a haunted signal the people were made thick.

The signal was sent across the whole world,
And with that Saint-Trick's plan had unfurled.
With no-one to recall our old Santa Claus,
There would be no point to his holiday cause.

In Santa's place all now knew the bone Saint,
Who's tricks were so scary that many would faint.
With the world celebrating his name every year,
The sneaky Saint-Trick was filled with much cheer.

For this caused his powers to greatly grow,
He could now start the final act of his show.
Ruling the world was the aim of his plan,
But there was one who could stop him, one old, jolly, fat man

Santa could feel that his powers would fade,
So he sent out a call to gather some aid.
Nine mercs and a robot were summoned with haste,
To put ol' Saint-Trick's plans to waste.

In a quiet hillside lay two factories for toys,
But this was the work of Saint-Trick and his ploys.
Disguised as a manger 'twixt the two factories,
The source of the signal could be seen with great ease.

A radio tower stuck out like a sore thumb,
Broadcasting malice to make the world dumb.
Santa sent his mercs to shut off the signal for good,
An easy mission without the shed of any blood!

The ten heroes raced to the scene of the crime,
It had looked as if they had made it on time.
The day would be saved as they shut down the power,
Restoring Christmas on the midnight hour.

He would soon be back in power, that was his bet,
But unknownst to Saint Nick resistance was met.
Saint-Trick had acquired some firepower too,
Nine mercs and a robot, these clad in blue.

A clash broke out to control the tower base,
And to end their opponents the mercs did so race.
Both buildings were made bases and the fight had begun,
Saint-Trick watched over, delighted by such fun.

Hidden below the the Nativity scene,
Lay a ghost haunted broadcasting machine.
The source of the signal can now be stopped,
But not before the enemy mercs heads are bopped.

Now you, a player of Gang Garrison 2.
The fate of Christmas, it's all up to you!
Side with Santa or Saint-Trick and sell out for gold,
This tale will be spoken of for aeons untold!

This written entry was created alongside the Hallowishmas themed map cp_christmacide, check it out here!
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