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Author Topic: [MHWr] Knight of Hallowishmas  (Read 1384 times)


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[MHWr] Knight of Hallowishmas
« on: December 25, 2015, 05:42:57 am »

The fall brings a special time for each lil ghoul and goblin alike, to dress up as a fashion delight!
For one very bright spirit who planned all year, "to go out as a valiant Knight this Halloween" Chatter Cheered.
she grab all the metal her lil arms can carry, and even that darn constructor's functioning sentry.
Day and night from Spring to summer's end, Chatter grand work is for Halloween my friend.
"Finished!" squeaked Chatterleader amazed at the chrome glory.
"the rust proof coat applied, I don't have to worry."

As the contest started Chatter burst through, deck from head to t...uh nubs in 'Mithril' plate-mail as she would approve .
Her Sword sharper than Blu Construction, Shield Sturdier than a Red Security rate Deduction.
Yet in the corner of her the Helmet visor, Chatter notice a old reminder.
Today's date was December 25, not October on the Wall. Chatterleader, has missed Halloween after all.

Slump in defeated moan, "With what being shown, I guess there is no need for a Knight in this Snow."
ChatterLeader drags her self back into her shed, and Plop her self right into her Nice fluffy bed.

Then suddenly, Chatter hears an explosion, and check outside.
it's Saint Trick with his Glowing Shaking ...Cyan eyes!
He heard about the sorrows and found Leader's Distraught quite fun, As biggest trick he could pick, was "Pushing 2 holidays in one."
"Barring Thanksgiving for Reason of Just, No one should celebrate that Day of Distrust."

Chatterleader Confused and Annoyed. Inquired for such a meeting.
Saint Trick replied, "Cuz, I need You to give St. Nick a Beating!"

"As Old Claus has Magic and Elves at his display, I only got Can-trips and low paying Workers to my dismay."
"...But with your Mithril armor so bright, Can you lead on as my Shining Crimson/Azure Might?"
Chatter shrug and don the armor,feeling she has nothing planned in sight.
Chatter shook Trick's bony hand and answered "I'll March out this winter as The Hallowishmas Knight."

made the gif then figure I write a story to it.
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Re: [MHWr] Knight of Hallowishmas
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2015, 05:57:22 am »

A written entry? It's a Hallowishmas Miracle!
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