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Author Topic: [MHMp] adcp_spookyskellington  (Read 2579 times)


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[MHMp] adcp_spookyskellington
« on: December 14, 2015, 01:13:36 pm »

These are the remains of the inventor Leonardo da Turtle, creator of everyone's favorite game-mode: ADCP.
He died alone on Christmas day, exhausted from working overtime to bring this remarkably rattling game-mode to life.
Found on his corpse, clutched close to his chest like a lemming-Spy to his knife, were the blueprints for his magnum opus - plans to turn his very own body into the thing he spent his entire life working on: an ADCP map.
The plans were created in the good old days of Gang Garrison 2 mapping; the older generations of the community will find many nostalgic features - tight, action-packed corridors; fiddly stairs; and gaps that the Overweight can barely fit through - that have kept them playing the game all these years, and newer players will be able to enjoy the very best of the golden age of the best game-mode in history.

In the wise words of its creator, scrawled onto the blue prints quickly, presumably shortly before his death: "Hmm... I wonder if it would be a good idea to make a Capture Point award 5 minutes to the timer..." -Leonardo da Turtle

Enjoy this festive, yet spook-tacular map this hallowishmas!

(click to show/hide)
Direct Link
Warning: Large file size for a map! May be taxing on less-than-good computers.

Due to the genius nature of the map's design, many of you may not understand it. We had to get an archaeologist, specializing in Gang Garrison 2 history in to translate the instructions on the back of the blue prints to even begin to understand the complicated nature of the map.

There are 5 Capture Points throughout the skeletal structure, marked by the yellow areas:
1: Located in the right forearm, starting in the hand and terminating in the humerus and into the upper arm.
2: Situated in the hip, pelvis and lower spine.
3: Intertwined with the rib cage.
4: Embedded in the upper arm, extending into the shoulder and clavicle.
5: The most delicate and intricate of the 5; begins in the sternum; travelling through the oesophagus and journeying through the teeth and mandible, until it reaches the very center of the cranium, where the finale capture point lays, completing the map.

Beware, the areas marked in green are dangerous, as this skeleton is old and Mr Leonardo da Turtle rarely drank milk it is weak in a number of places, marked by the green areas (these will take you to the next CP after capturing the current CP):
1: A fracture in the upper arm.
2: A faulty hip replacement.
3: A fracture in the delicate rib cage in transportation during World Fair in 1906 at Milan, Italy.
4: A dislocated shoulder.
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