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Author Topic: E-Sports Mod | V3 - Finally here and final release  (Read 22286 times)


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E-Sports Mod | V3 - Finally here and final release
« on: November 10, 2015, 12:49:11 pm »


A mod for general improvements aimed at competitive play.

Version: 3

Issue tracker

Bullet speed varience decreased to +/-1 degrees, from +/-2 degrees.
Static spread: Bullets spread out equally from each shot.

Re-implemented ammo sputter, now shoots 2 flames instead of 1.
Reduced maximum possible duration of afterburn.
Reduced maximum DPS of afterburn.
Reduced the afterburn duration flames add.
Reduced flare base damage to 26, from 30.
Reduced amount ammo flares use to 20, from 35.
Reduced ammo cost of airblast to 35, from 40.
Removed flame and flare penetration.
Buffed airblast fire-rate by 5 frames.
Buffed flare fire-rate by 5 frames.
Flares do 35 damage to sentries.
Airblast: Increased strength/push-back.
--Running against an airblast is less effective at cancelling it's effect out.
--Reduced the amount of air control airblasted players have.
--Reduced the amount of deceleration on airblasted players.
Reduced knockback of airblast through walls by half the normal amount.
Flares on their own give almost no afterburn, but increase the damage of existing afterburn by a significant amount.
--Reduced the intensity flares add to afterburn.
--Reduced the amount of afterburn time flares add.
--Reduced time for intensity from flare afterburns to reach zero.

Reduced self-RJ damage by ~16%, to 25 maximum, from 30.
Removed rocket fading, they now disappear instantly.
Can now properly rocket jump while ubered.
Rocket range is now a static value, instead of being based on the distance from the player that fired it. Lasts 2.5 seconds (75 frames), unchanged from the vanilla value if the player does not move.
Added a fizzle sprite before rockets disappear.

Re-implemented ammo sputter, now shoots 2 bullets instead of 1.
Intel reset timer will now charge while eating.
--Heals a maximum of 150HP.
--Heals at a rate of ~1.4HP/frame (43/s). Was 1.6/frame.
--Healing only starts after 0.7 seconds (21 frames).
--Total animation length is 128 frames (unchanged), healing lasts 107 frames.
--Healing will stop if 50 + a 4th of the health healed so far (maximum of 38) damage is taken.
Ammo regenerates 1.33 times faster
Ammo regenerates at half the speed while eating.

Increased the range at which mines can pop bubbles.
Capped the horizontal speed that can be reached from rocket jumping to 9.5 units/frame, from ~11-12 units/frame that would normally be reached.
Can now properly rocket jump while ubered.

Changed heal ramp: time is not a factor; ramp activates when target's HP is below 25 + 1/8th of max HP.
--Ramp heal rate is 1 HP/frame; the normal heal rate is 0.8 HP/frame.
Uber charging rate is a flat rate.
Self HP-regen changed to 5/s, from 3/s.
Reduced maximum ammo to 30, from 40.
Increased reload time to 60 frames, from 55 frames.
Option to use newer heal targeting code (relative to cursor).
Own heal target is drawn in a slight team-colored tint.
Arrow indicating heal target is now only visible to team-mates, not enemies.

Bullet speed varience increased to +/-1 degrees, from +/-1.5 degrees.
Fixed bug where Sentry gibs would levitate through walls.
Nuts & Bolts regenerate faster, now 20 seconds for 0 to 100, from 33 seconds.
Increased damage per bullet to 8, from 7.
Reduced spread to +/- 3 degrees, from +/- 5.5 degrees.
Reduced randomness of speed to 0.5, from 1.5.
Reduced max ammo to 4, from 6.
Reduced delay from firing a shot to when reloading begins to 13 frames, from 20 frames.
Increased reload time for each shot to 18 frames, from 15 frames.
Reduced firing time between each shot to 19 frames, from 20 frames.
--New stats: Damage per shot to 40.
--Damage per clip to 160, from 210 [scout: 288].
--DPS to 63, from 52.5 [scout: 72].
--Full clip reload time to 85 frames, from 110 (6 shots), 80 (4 shots) [scout: same as original stats].
Reduced the lifetime of shots from the shotgun by half, thus reducing its range.
Static spread: bullets spread out equally from each shot.
Increased strength and radius of Sentry jumping.
Increased sentry's damage per shot to 7, from 8.
Buffed Sentry fire-rate to 4 frames (7.5 shots/second), from 5 frames (6 shots/second).
--DPS increased to 52.5, from 51 (vanilla: 48).
Sentries will now target the generator, but only if there are no other targets.
Sentry does 3 damage/shot to generator.
Sentry shot tracers fade, similar to Sniper shots.
After taking no damage for 20 seconds Sentries regenerate health at a rate of 10 HP per second.

Reduced the lifetime of shots from the revolver by half, thus reducing its range.
Reduced the intel pick-up delay when uncloaking to 0.5 seconds, from 0.8 seconds.
Takes longer to cloak after a stab, as you cannot move until fully cloaked stabbing is now more punishable.
Removed spy ghosts.
Reduced size of stab hitbox:
(click to show/hide)
Removed multi-stabs.
Removed sentry stabs.
Successfully stabbing an enemy player ends the stab animation, allowing the player to move and attack again quickly, and it 0.fully refills their ammo.
When within close range of an enemy player you can see their health, ammo, and uber bars.
Increased damage per bullet to 30, from 28.
Nerfed fire-rate by 2 frames.
Buffed reload time by 5 frames.
Clicking uncloak and attack at once will now uncloak instead of stab.

Increased damage from an un-scoped shot to 40, from 35.
Reduced maximum damage from a scoped shot to 65, from 75.
Reduced maximum charge time for a scoped shot to 3 seconds, from 3.5 seconds.
When ubered: reload time is reduced by 10 frames
--Unscoped: to 30 frames, from 40.
--Scoped: to 50 frames, from 60 frames.
Increased scoped charge time to 95 frames, from 90 frames.
Shot tracer fades out slower.
Slightly darkened the color of shot tracer.
Added a display for the amount of damage a Sniper's charged shot will do to the scoped HUD.

No random chance of projectiles penetrating bubbles.
Blades damage is no longer proportional to ammo, instead there are 3 separate tiers for damage, using static values.
--Max tier damage: to 25, from 17. When ammo is above 91%, from above 66%.
--Middle tier damage: to 12, from damage being proportional to ammo. When ammo is between 91% and 33%, from between 66% and 33%.
--Minimum tier damage: Unchanged (8).
Blades always use a minimum of 10 ammo, from 5.
Blade firing event should be better synced like other weapons are.
Decreased max blade damage to 20, from 25.
Redesigned bubbles:
Introducing, the Super Bubble. Replacing the old, useless bubbles with this large non-solid shield that blocks enemy fire. Press M1 to create a bubble at your cursor's position within the maximum range.
  • 140 HP.
  • 15 second life time.
  • 40 second recharge (can be replenished by health cabinets).
  • Max 1 bubble at a time.
  • Max firing radius of 75 pixels.
  • Blocks all projectiles, Sentries and Snipers can still fire through.
  • Reflects mines.
  • Line drawn from weapon to show placement range.
  • Flares do 35 damage (same as they deal to Sentries).
  • Mines do a small amount of extra damage, up to 50 max damage.
  • Mine blast radius on bubble is increased, same as the affect radius before that would pop bubbles/reflect rockets.
  • HUD showing recharge time to the bubble's owner.
  • All team-mates can see HP and lifetime of the bubble.
  • Creating a new bubble will destroy the old one, there is a cooldown of 5 seconds between new bubbles.

Bunny Hopping from Rocket Jump/Launch
With the queued jump option, hold jump after being launched in the air to preserve some speed and the rocket jump state. Performing a hop will reduce your speed, but it is still faster than walking.
Can only do 1 hop per rocket jump.
Cannot bhop with the intel.
Increased speed reduction from a bhop to a factor of 2.2, from 2.

Reduced the time before being allowed to pick up the intel again after dropping it, to 4 seconds, from 10 seconds.
Changed overtime mechanics in CTF back to the old ones, as long as the score difference is not greater than 1 and someone is carrying the intel the game will be in overtime.
Intel reset timer now charges at a static rate, not based on movement speed.
Slowdown while carrying the intel is now only applied to scout.
Reduced the speed the intel reset timer charges at.
When an intel is dropped, the reset timer will always be at a minimum of 2.5 seconds.

Timer starts at 2 minutes
Maximum time that can be reached is 4 minutes.
Reduced setup time to 40 seconds, from 60 seconds.
Adjusted cap times, normalizing them: reduced difference between the times on maps with different numbers of CPs, reduced extremes.
Reduced time awarded for capping a CP from 5 minutes to 1 minute.
Full uber charge is given to Medics at the end of setup.
Stopwatch Mode: When enabled, the map is played twice, the team that capped the CPs the fastest, or capped the most CPs wins.

2CP: Increased cap time to 35 seconds, from 31.5 seconds.
5CP: Increased cap time for 1st/5th CP to 8 seconds, from 7 seconds.
5CP: Decreased cap time for 3rd CP to 20 seconds, from 21 seconds.

No map time limit, each round now has a 2 minute timer,
Reduced time before CP unlocks to 45 seconds, from 60 seconds.
Capping speed on Arena is now a static valve (multiplied by the number of cappers), not based on the number of players/alive players on each team.
Win limit is now separate from CTF cap limit and can be changed. Default: 5.
Once round goes into overtime, cap time becomes 2 seconds, from 10 seconds.

Uses its original values from vanilla version 2.2: HP to 4000, from 2100.
--No shields.

Reduced cap time to 6 seconds, from 10 seconds.
When a CP is captured both points are locked for 10 seconds.
--This is to make the mode less prone to stalemates and stalling, as a capture guarrentees some time on the clock, and gives both teams more of a chance to move between attacking and defending.

5 seconds grace period when spawning.

A new gamemode based on the TF2 gamemode of the same name. MGE is as a 1v1/DM practice mode where players battle it out in a small arena until they reach a score limit.
--Type "/arena <1-5>" in chat to select an arena to play in. Use 0 to remove yourself from an arena.
--1 player on each team per arena.
--Suicides will not count towards the score limit, but finish-offs will, such as changing class after being damaged.
--First to 20 wins. Score limit can be changed in options.
--Ready-up automatically disabled, round will go live as long as 1 person joins an arena.
--Use the mod's Garrison Builder to create MGE maps. Each map requires 1 MGE Controller entity, and 1 med cabinet anywhere on the map. An arena is defined by the normal spawn/forward spawn points available, allowing up to 5 arenas.

Box HUDs
New HUD aesthetic, enabled by default the new "Box HUD" is a clean and semi-customizable HUD focused on simplcity, consistency and giving more information. The old HUDs are still present and can be used by disabling Box HUDs in the options.
--All HUDs replaced, except appropriate gamemode related HUDs.
--Customizable background transparency.
--Customizable text and health bar transparency.
--Customizable scoreboard background transparency.
--Option for scoreboard stats position.

Caster HUD
A HUD used for spectating and recording matches, based on Advanced Spectator Mod.
Toggle the HUD by typing "cast" in the console, or by enabling it in the options menu.
Shows all players names, class, health, respawn timer, and uber.
Hold Z to display stats for total ubers, healing and deaths.
Removes the cursor while enabled.
Hold Space to drag the camera around with left click for smoother camera work. Use right click to stop the camera.

Damage Indicator
Added a new and much more reliable damage indicator.
Color of damage numbers can be customized, self-inflicted damage color can be changed separately.
Only damage above 10 is shown. Damage is still grouped as normal, so dealing under 10 damage then over 10 shortly afterwards groups the damage into 1 number.
Damage dealt to generators is shown.
Increased time before text gets smaller.
Made text smoother on 60 FPS, instead of skipping to 30 FPS values..
Increased general smoothness of text as it moves.
Increased random horizontal placement of text.
Damage numbers are now larger, and have an option to adjust their size.
Damage numbers will stack together, making a much cleaner damage display when hitting a target multiple times. This can be disabled, however it may still have issues.

Big HUDs
Replace certain HUD elements with simple large text with a fully customizable color.
Currently availiable for:
  • HP
  • Ammo
  • Sentry HP
  • Uber

Removed instant player and corpse tracking on death.
All players can be tracked while spectating.
Spectators move slower, to 15 units/frame from 20 units/frame.
Hold Q to move faster while spectating.
Spectators (not dead players) can now see all health/ammo/uber bars; cloaked spies; metal/mines/uber count.
Removed letterboxing while spectating.

Reduced size/screen coverage.
Intel reset timer is displayed more accurately,
Intel arrows use the player as their origin, not from the HUD.
Displays which class is carrying the intel.
Raised height of the intel recharge timer, so healthbars do not cover it up as much.
Added a bar showing intel recharge state while it is being carried by someone on HUD.
Improved smoothness on intel location arrows.

CP-based HUDs
Full countdown until unlocking is displayed.
Current capping state is displayed more accurately: % of capture done, time in seconds until capture finishes, health bar instead of static sprites.
Lock sprite is drawn on top of locked CPs, and added an outline to the sprite.
Unlock timer position adjusted and drawn in black text instead of white.

Timers are displayed during round end.

Remaining player counters are drawn next to eachother, not stacked.
Nicer looking MVP HUD, shows assists instead of healing, and shows 5 players instead of 3.
Still displays the number of players still alive when you are dead.
Number of rounds each team has won is displayed on the HUD.
Lowered text messages when spectating.

Reduced size of HUD.
Added HP numbers.

Uses the CTF HUD (without the intel status parts).

Old HUDs
Fixed scaling for better consistency/appearance, reduced outline thickness, better positioning.
Moved Sentry HP HUD horizontally next to heath HUD.
Restored original team colored HUDs, now the spectators have the neutrally colored HUD.

Character Related
Ammo bar displayed above friendly characters.
Uber healthbar displayed above friendly medics.
Exact HP value displayed under the healthbar, can be moved to the side or turned off.
Smaller HP and ammo HUDs. Both can be turned off completely.
Ammo HUD always has a healthbar displaying reloading, and numbers displaying the current ammo.
Sniper charge HUD is smaller, more accurate and transparent.
Sniper laser will always fade, regardless of particle settings.
Fixed the bug where the sniper charge would be displayed incorrectly.
An arrow is displayed over a medic's current heal target.
Option for yellow mine trails.
Flame effect particles always show on a character regardless of particle setting.

Option to change the maximum number of items displayed.
Option to change how long each item is displayed for.
Customizable background transparency.
Customizable text/icon transparency.

Removed scoreboard fading.
Improved text colors for names, and your own name is displayed in a different color.
All player's pings can be seen (displays 0 when the player is dead).
Stats board is shown with the scoreboard.
Colors of player names on mouse-over match the colors on the scoreboard.

Timer is not team colored.
Amber color on the timer when time is below half.
Option for smaller round timer: no background sprite and smaller text.

Option to disable gun shells.
Notice display is more transparent and fades faster.
Option for smaller team and class select menus. Can only select options with the number keys, classlimits are not visible.
Popout window for Haxxy rewards is larger.
Customizable colors for your own Haxxy weapons and accessories, not visible to other players.
Fixed coloring mistakes on shotgun and medigun Haxxy sprites.
Small FPS and ping display in the top left corner. Each can be turned off.
Spinjump particles will always be shown, regardless of particle settings.
Changed blood to be like it was in previous versions.
Option to have bodies fade faster.
Explosion animation better matches the range of the explosion.
All menus are displayed higher up on the screen.
Number of characters left when editing your name is shown.
Added some color to INS Raybann badge.
Ping graph: Visually represents the last 84 pings in a small graph.
Option to only display the ping graph when the scoreboard is open, or to disable it altogether.
Option to change respawn timer position.
Customizable respawn timer transparency.
Notice object is now right-aligned, and the box only extends as far as the message.
Option to only draw your weapon while you are shooting.
Explosion sprite is now scaled to better match the size of the blast radius.b
Option for team colored projectiles.

The game will be in permanent freezetime until everyone has marked themselves as ready by pressing the drop intel button (B).
Use the /ready or /r chat command to ready up, and use /unready or /ur to un-ready up. Or use /toggleready or /tr.
The host can skip this, either manually with the console, or automatically with an option.
Useful messages are displayed during ready-up: how to ready-up, round settings e.g. ADCP stopwatch, Arena rounds to win.
Option to disable sound during Ready-Up. Sound will be enabled during the countdown.
Maximum respawn time during Ready-UP is always 1 second.
Chat print when a player readies/unreadies.

Players on the server can now vote for an action.
The host can change the time votes stay open for, defaultly 30 seconds.
A vote requires over 50% to pass.
Start a voting command with ! or else it won't work.
!y to vote yes.
!n to vote no.
!c to cancel a vote as a host.
!shuffle vote to scramble the teams, can be used during PUG mixes (not normal PUGs).
!skip to skip the current map.
!vmap to choose and vote for the next map.
!pug to start a vote for a PUG. See more detail below.
!mix to start a PUG with randomly selected teams. See more detail below.
!war to start a war using the PUG mode but with more freedom over teams. See more detail below.
!load to pick a config to vote for.
!forceload to force the loading of a config (host/RCON only).

Configs are files that define game settings for a server, such as respawn time, capture limits and maximum players.
These files can be loaded by the server host or by clients on the server at any time to easily change settings for whatever mode the server is being used for.
Pre-made configs: 4v4, 5v5, PUG, Pub, 1v1, Softcore (pub with more competitive settings), 2v2 No Medic, TF2 6s (based losely around the competitive TF2 format), Jump.

PUG Mode
To use PUG mode start a vote with the following commands:
  • !pug - votes for a normal PUG mode with captains and team picking.
  • !mix - random teams, any player can pick maps.
  • !war - no team picking, freedom to move to your agreed teams after captains have been picked. Captains then mark their teams as !ready, then pick maps.
You can use additional arguments to change some settings in the syntax !pug <x> <y>:
<x> is the number of players per team, by default this is 4 resulting in a 4v4.
<y> is the number of maps played, by default this is 5 and its maximum is 13.
A new vote can be called at any time during this process allowing for restarts.
Scores are tracked so an overall winner can be chosen.
Once a PUG ends the server will return to its normal rotation and settings.
PUG mode voting can be disabled.

The voting and picking process is as follows:
  • Upon starting all players are moved to spectator and locked in.
  • The server asks for a red captain, type !captain to choose to be a captain. It will then ask for blue's captain. Those players are moved to their teams.
  • All players in the server are then listed with a number assigned to them.
  • Captains pick players with !pick <number>.
  • Picking goes in the order ABBA (in full: Red-Blue-Blue-Red-Red-Blue-Blue-Red), selected players are moved to their teams.
  • Each captain then takes turn picking maps with !map <map name>.
  • Each team takes turns to pick maps until the limit has been reached, the rotation is then shuffled. Maps will be played until a winner has been decided, not until the end of the rotation meaning.

While the bots are technically accessible in the game, they are very far from being a finished, usable feature. I never got around to finishing them so since I just wanted to release the mod I have included them, but removed the pathfinding extension, so they shouldn't cause errors but they don't have any real navigation. You can use them without a problem but they will just walk right forever and shoot at enemies.

Based on the Tempest Bots framework these bots focus more on being highly skilled and aim to be the best bots made so far, though not quite at that stage yet they will have excellent fighting ability and eventually good movement once the navmesh plugin can be fully realised.
They are distinguishable by their Simpsons character names and their own chat print when joining the server, and their scoreboard ping displaying as "BOT".
Currently every class has AI, but not all of them work well, and some haven't been looked at yet so cause errors.
However classes that have functional combat AI are:
  • Scout
  • Demoman
  • Soldier
  • Sniper

Added a custom built in chat - no need for server-sent plugins.
Use color codes in chat to change your text color. Hold "Ctrl" and press a number key from 0 to 9 to select a color. This can be disabled by the host.
Chat commands: Prefix message with "/" to run a local command, and with "!" to send commands to the server. Currently only local RUP commands exist.
Chat printing: Server prints various messages to the chat, e.g. Players joining/leaving server. Each type can be toggled in the options.
Mute command for chat: server-side muting and locally muting, however local mute only works for the host currently.
Option for spectators to read team chat.

Menu backgrounds are now a randomly selected map from the maps folder that pans and moves around the map.
Increased resolution on menus to 720p.
Menus can be navigated with the number keys, press the key for the corresponding option to use it, and 0 for back.
Option to change menu text highlighting color can now be changed to any RGB code.

Jump Map Mode
Changes some settings to be better for jump maps. Can also be enabled just for maps that match common name patterns.
--Instant CP caps.
--Demoman RJ horizontal speed cap to vanilla value.
--Option to disable all player knockback and damage.
--Enable/disable with the console command "jump".
--Sniper RJ - exactly like the plugin - unscoped shots push away, scoped shots pull towards.
--Heavy RJ - shooting gives backwards momentum akin to the Force-A-Nature, eating a sandwich preserves your current momentum, ignoring gravity.

Console, opened/closed by pressing F3. Type "help" for a full list of commands.
RCON: An explaination of what RCON is and how to use it. May be inaccurate to any changes I have made since DSM's RCON.
Removed client sided plugins.
Various physics, quality, visual and 60 FPS fixes.
Removed auto-balance.
Added server-side AFK timeout, unlike the client-sided AFK timeout in vanilla that was flawed and could easily be removed. This moves the player to spectating instead of kicking from the server. The time can be changed in the options (in seconds). Set to 0 to disable.
A large selection of competitive maps come with the mod.
All built-in maps are now external.
No restrictions on which team can be chosen.
Classlimits: you cannot be assigned a class that is full, although this may still happen if players change team.
Faucet introduction is skipped automatically.
Removed the delay on being unable to fire a weapon after spawning.
Cleaned up many parts of the source code.
Option to change volume: It is set to 80% by default.
The game window cannot be resized by dragging the edges.
Fixed the window position being bad when changing from fullscreen to windowed.
Lobby is viewable from the in-game menu.
Shuffle rotation now has an option to always start the server with the first map listed in the rotation.
Increased the time for an assist, from 4 seconds to 7 seconds.
Keys can be bound to the middle mouse button and function keys.
Uber bubble, bound to R by default.
Spy bubble, bound to Control by default.
Option for chat logs.
Mines should be correctly synced.
Press the taunt key as a spectator to teleport the camera to the center of the map.
Added Quote/Curly golden Haxxy weapons.
Added an option to use Dumbledank's sprite pack.
RCON IPs are now saved to file, after being registered for RCON one time you will be automatically logged in upon connecting to the server. Automatic logging in can be disabled, saving them will not be disabled.
Real lobby is now accessible from the in-game menu.
VIP Password: If player count goes over the threshold, put a password on the server.
Improved color changing options - set color in 1 string using R,G,B format (e.g. 255,0,75).
Color of RGB values in options menus are drawn as the color they are, even while editing
Added killstreak tracking.
Updater has the download progress in KB displayed.
Total damage done stat is now tracked.
Option to change map rotation file - can be used in-game to change/reload the rotation.
Added Cave Story death animations.
Better disconnect messages that more reliably tell you why you have been disconnected, look nicer and don't completely lock up the game until they are closed.
Classlimits can now be changed in-game through the menu.
Teleport console command - always usable by the host, option to allow everyone to use it, RCONs to use it, or everyone when in jump map mode.
Auto-spinjumping command performed on server-side - can be used for any player, holding M1 or M2 will stop the spinning.
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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2015, 01:14:41 pm »

Wow, hype. Let me beta test
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I've been listening to a bit of Green Day recently (past 2 months actually). Really raises the level of "fuckethesystem" in me.  :z5:
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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2015, 01:15:15 pm »

Nice work! :c1:
I'd test this in a heartbeat.


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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2015, 02:09:26 pm »

The default healthbar would be cuter. :z7:
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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2015, 02:12:05 pm »

The default healthbar would be cuter. :z7:
Since when was being able to see only 50% of your screen cute?

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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2015, 02:35:12 pm »

Digital sports
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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #6 on: November 10, 2015, 02:39:47 pm »

The default healthbar would be cuter. :z7:
Since when was being able to see only 50% of your screen cute?
Didn't know a few pixels is half of the screen.  :z7:


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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #7 on: November 10, 2015, 02:54:04 pm »

Digital sports
No more mods beginning with D please :panic:
The default healthbar would be cuter. :z7:
Since when was being able to see only 50% of your screen cute?
Didn't know a few pixels is half of the screen.  :z7:
The point is, the default stuff is bad. This is better for someone who actually cares about the gameplay more than how cute it is.
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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #8 on: November 10, 2015, 06:33:37 pm »

I should probably join the beta crew even tho I've never been a comper here
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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #9 on: November 11, 2015, 12:10:02 am »

Let's try to get some videos up if this kicks off.
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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #10 on: November 11, 2015, 12:45:32 am »

Would love to beta test this mod.


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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #11 on: November 11, 2015, 08:49:31 am »

Can´t wait for the test build.

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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #12 on: November 11, 2015, 09:26:06 am »


Am I supposed to host with this because I'll do it if you send me beta


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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #13 on: November 11, 2015, 09:27:14 am »

All releases of this are going to be public.


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Re: E-Sports Mod | Test build to be released soon
« Reply #14 on: November 11, 2015, 01:30:54 pm »

can i have a beta key
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