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Author Topic: [Writing]-[TheRocketJumper]-[Fanfiction]- Overweight's nightmare  (Read 1160 times)


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Blood red moon on a night at dusbowl, BLU and RED have so much rest to take after an entire day of killing, defending and attacking, everyone was asleep.

Across the midnight, a loud errie scream had woken up the RED Overweight. ¨EVERYONE WAKE UP!¨ shouted Overwieght. Everyone was awoken at the sound of Overwieght´s scream. ¨Yo what the hell is yo problem?!¨ Runner shouted looking at Overweight. ¨I hear scary noise!¨ Overweight said. Then Rifleman exclaimed ¨Bah, go back to bed mate, it was probably yer loud snoring!¨, everyone chuckled. ¨Hmph! If you do not believe me, I will go look outside myself!¨ Overwight protested. Overweight quickly pushed open the team door and watched the sky, there was this dark mysterious creature staring at him, he pulled out his minigun and started shooting it, suprisingly the creature quickly avoided his attacks. After a few minutes of thinking, Overweight heard his entire team scream, he ran into their base and at the door itself, there lies Rifleman´s head, his eyes were cut off and his skull was cracked open revealing his bloody brain. Overweight, was trembling at that point.

Overweight opened the door into their base was not like anything he´s seen, his teammate´s body parts torn apart and ripped. Overwieght knelt down to honour his teammates and most importantly, his friends. After kneeling he was a extremely hungry for revenge to whoever did this. He then thought for a second that the killer could be the creature that he saw earlier. Overweight was now filled with anger, rage and thirst for the creature´s blood, he grabbed his manvich and went outside to look for the creature. He searched everywhere and could not find anything, he went back to the base and saw the creature standing, the clouds stopped covering the moon, the bright light of the moon revealed the creature´s true looks.

Overweight, was speechless to what he saw..... it was his cannibal couterpart....... the ¨DOODISMAN!¨. Doodisman´s eyes glowed red as he was hungry for Overweight´s meat and blood, Doodisman charged at Overweight, Overweight quickly pulled out his minigun and started to shoot Doodisman. Inspite of  Overweight´s fast bullets, Doodisman was able to dodge them all, Doodisman reached heavy, he bounced onto him, luckily Overweight was able to grab his hands and stop him from piercing him with his razor sharp claws. Overweight was stronger than Doodisman so he pushed Doodisman back and removed his arms, sadly during the process, Doodisman bit heavy in the neck and took off all his flesh, Overweight screamed in pain, he was unable to move and so he fell to the ground. As Doodisman was eating his body, Overweight spoke for the very last time ¨Now I will join my friends.........¨

Part 2:

Overweight wakes up, sees his entire team and other teams doing the conga and the kazotsky kick. Overweight looks at the sign up top, it says ¨Welcome to the lobby, you will be selected for a match in 3 minutes!". "U WOT M8 I WAS GETTIN SO DRAMATIC AND THIS CRAP HAPPUNS?! YA ALL SUK!"         - Overweight
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