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Author Topic: [Plugins] - [Derpduck and Meow] - [Serversent] - Capture The Turkeys  (Read 1841 times)


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    Capture The Turkeys
    By Derpduck and Meow

    Have you ever wanted to play GG2 on Thanksgiving but have been put off by the lack of turkey themed content in GG2?
    If so, this is the plugin for you.

    What Is Capture The Turkeys?
    The objective is to collect the turkeys around the map and take the to your teams pen for points, the first team to reach the point limit wins. The turkey do try to run away from you, although they are rather stupid. You can only carry 2 turkeys at once, and you can press the drop intel button to drop the ones you are carrying.
    But, when the turkeys are in your team's pen they are not safe; the other team can go into your pen and steal turkeys from it so you must defend it.

    A player capturing some turkeys.

    There are different types of turkeys too, there's normal turkeys, and distinct turkeys based on each class in GG2. These turkeys award extra points.
    • Scout: Runs away from players really fast.
    • Pyro: Airblasts players away.
    • Soldier: Rocket jumps away from players.
    • Heavy: Slows the carrying player down, but awards 4 points.
    • Demoman: Lays explosive eggs around the map that will knock players away.
    • Medic: Rescues turkeys being carried by players, forcing them to be dropped if the player touches a medic turkey.
    • Engineer: Creates fake turkeys that fizzle when you try to cap them, pay close attention and you might spot how they are different from normal turkeys.
    • Spy: Turns invisible for some time if a player gets too close.
    • Sniper: Has extra long vision, allowing them to start running away from you much earlier.
    • Quote: Shoots feathers up into the air that reflect projectiles.

    How To Host Capture The Turkeys On Your Server
    To host CTT on your server, go to the "gg2.ini" file find the line "ServerPluginList=" and add "ctt" to it. It should look like this
    Code: [Select]
    ServerPluginList=cttPut commas between server sent plugins without any spaces if you wish to use other plugins with it.
    Also, you will need to change "ServerPluginsRequired" if it is not on 1.
    Code: [Select]
    You will also need to play on maps made for CTT, so I have converted 26 already existing maps to CTT.
    Maps: http://derpduck.github.io/files/CTT_Maps.zip
    These are all of the maps included:

    You can change the number of points needed to win in the "gg2.ini" file. Find the line "turkeyLimit=30" under "[Plugins]" and change the number to whatever you want. Although a warning, this will increase the number of turkeys spawned, potentially causing lag.

    You wont be able to run generator maps on a CTT server as it replaces the generator, sorry about that. It's also still slightly buggy, so please report any errors or problems you have here.

    How To Make Your Own CTT Maps
    To make CTT maps you have to download Turkey Builder, which is based on the old Garrison Builder.

    Download: http://derpduck.github.io/files/Turkey_Builder/TurkeyBuilder.zip

    It doesn't matter what mode you pick to make the map in, all of the entities you need are always given to you.

    • You have to put down at least 1 generator object. If your map isn't working you probably forgot this step.
    • Turkey spawn is where the turkeys spawn from, you have to place at least 1 of these, but I recommend more.
    • Turkey Pen is where each team has to carry their turkeys to, you need 1 red and 1 blue pen.

    Profile links in-case you missed them:
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    Re: [Plugins] - [Derpduck and Meow] - [Serversent] - Capture The Turkeys
    « Reply #1 on: August 06, 2015, 01:23:06 pm »

    Nice map

    EDIT: errors

    ERROR in
    action number 2
    of Other Event: User Defined 5
    for object Rocket:

    Error in code at line 38:
                                   lastDamageSource = FINISHED_OFF_GIB;
    at position 48: Unknown variable FINISHED_OFF_GIB

    I don't think it's one of my server plugins, let me check
    EDIT 2: no it's not. There's another one anyway

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Collision Event with object Sentry
    for object __newobject852:

    Error in code at line 5:
           if other.ownerPlayer.object.turkeyCarryingWeight<2{
    at position 33: Unknown variable turkeyCarryingWeight

    This one repeated about 5 times, the number of players at the time
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