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Author Topic: [Guide] - [Sparky] -How to play PyroBasketball  (Read 962 times)


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[Guide] - [Sparky] -How to play PyroBasketball
« on: July 16, 2015, 02:20:15 pm »

How to play PyroBasketball

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1 q/c per team and the rest should be pyros, you need at least 2 pyros per team to play pbball, of course, the more pyros you have, the easier it is to score.

How to win?

pbball matches are TDM matches, and the only way to die is to get on the hoop, where there's a killbox, first team to put X Q/C in the hoop wins. (X being the number of kills to get to win, you can determine it by going to gg2.ini -> Deathmatch Kill Limit=X)
Note that you can also win if you're ahead in terms of kills and there's no more time.

NB: Killing Q/C with other classes isn't allowed! Healboxes are here in order to avoid this.


Q/C is the ball, literally has nothing to do but jump to the other team's side at the beginning of the game and each time this team scores. He isn't allowed to move when it's not to do what's written before, so one pyro will generally run a second GG2.exe, pick Q/C, and move when needed, because no one wants to be the ball.

Pyros are the basketball players, they have to put the ball in the hoop. The only way to do so is to airblast one after the other, so that the Q/C flies to the hoop. Teamwork and coordination is necessary.

What's hard in this?

Well, just have a look at the gifs, in this map, right side is red side, and left side is blu side:
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Yeah, where blu team can walk, red team can't, and where red team can walk, blu team can't, so, if the Q/C hits the ground, pyros have to restart from the middle of the map that's what makes pbball kinda hard and that's why teamwork is necessary.

Red team can walk on the ground when it's blue, blu team when it's red.

How to make a map pbball?
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yes i know i wrote a 'guide' for a gamemode no one will ever play not even me
but you know, "How to be mvp on koth_nova_b2" almost won last year lmao

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