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Author Topic: [Guide] - [Poop] - [Detonator Techniques]  (Read 1186 times)


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[Guide] - [Poop] - [Detonator Techniques]
« on: July 12, 2015, 02:09:35 pm »

I say techniques but really it's only the ones I've came to use overtime and potentially others use. I don't know who actually has these down and who hasn't, so I will naming them by my own accordance. (Yes i suck at naming stuff)
Although Detonator is my main class, I am known for being inconsistent. Therefore in no way can I guarantee my expertise unlike top gg2 players, nor how effective these techniques are in the hands of others, that being said, I've been wanting to make a deto guide for a while.

 If you're just getting started on deto, I suggest you check this guide out first.

Each techniques will be ranked depending on their difficulty to execute.

Fly out of Spawn - Easy
This one is basic as it gets, anyone who doesn't do this shouldn't consider deto as a main.

Align your cursor the opposite of where you exit, then press M1+M2+W at the same time. Previous experience in deto jumping is advised.
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Bats - Easy
I see a lot of newbies place stickies around the top of crates. But there's an easier way to zone defense in tight areas, simply set your trap on a "ceiling". You are given more space to move around freely without exposing your self to your own explosions.

The catch is that the damage will be slightly less compared to crates, but well worth it if you're low on health. I rarely see this being used which is why I'm writing it down here.
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Bait - Easy
Self explanatory. Deto to me is first and foremost a support class. There is no need to run in stickies blazing. When against a group of 3+, plan out your escape route, set up traps one after another until you killed them or stopped them chasing you. Given the time and opportunity, a trap with 2 or 3 stickies would be enough to stop a medium enemy rush.
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Camo - Easy
Hide your  stickies behind sentries, similar coloured maps, your teammates feet, your teams corpse, your enemies corpse, your mom's corpse, anything you can find that isn't instantly noticeable is good enough. Yes, I get that stickies flash, this isn't something you place and wait. If there are no activities, move on. I often use this around team sentries to sniff out spies.

Stalling - Easy
Counter any explosives coming your way with your own stickies, forget about killing the enemy. Best used in 1v1 situations with another deto or soldier to stall for time in koth/dkoth maps until your team respawns.

Divert - Moderate
This one is a little less used if none at all, user needs to be able to calculate the zone in which the stickies have effect and time accordingly. If you're lucky, timing an enemy step as well as a rocket can help a lot in a pinch.
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Airstrike - Moderate
Fire a sticky to the ground whilst you're flying through the air
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Damage Boost - Moderate
Aerial and Traps working with one another. This requires some precise  timing and mostly helpful when it comes to zoning and finishing off enemies. Plant a stickie either on the ceiling or a crate, then proceed to fire an aerial in between the space. In terms of damage, the worst case scenario (that is if you detonate at the right time) is you'll hit the enemy with 45 damage from aerial. Best case scenario is combining both aerial and trap for 90 damage.
The idea here is to close off as much route for the enemy to slip past as possible. This technique is flexible and can work mostly anywhere, as long as the conditions are set.
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Camo Tip Toe - Moderate
You should only really use this when you're in close proximity. The camo said here is none other than your self. It's not immediately noticeable when you fire a sticky under your feet, the risk is you might get caught in the explosion. So you jump, and wait for the enemy to get underneath you, then you detonate, if you fail, you jump again and place another so the enemy has no more running ground around you. Failing the second time you should retreat as its likely they've hit you hard.
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Back Trap - Moderate
Pretend you're firing a aerial, let it go past the enemy and lands behind them. Now you have to pressure them to walk backwards, either by firing an aerial for a damage boost or just push closer towards him. Eventually, you should find the right time to set it off.

Satellite - Hard
Best used for 1v1. At it's core, it's just a fancy word for launching a sticky up where it reaches outside your screen and having it land back on the same screen. I find it to be more of a novelty but hey, it looks cool when you actually get a kill. Aside from being dead precise when firing, the catch here is you need to steal the enemies attention for as long as possible after firing your sticky whilst keeping them in the aimed zone. You also have to keep an eye out for when the sticky comes back into your screen to detonate at the right time. I got meow with this one
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Satellite BackTrap - Hard
Similar to BackTrap and again a novelty, only you use satellite as the trap. This requires great timing skills to pull off, start by firing a sticky up and aim for behind the enemy, from here you have 3 choices, either

A - Fire a aerial and detonate whilst he's distracted by satellite

B - Fire a normal backtrap and pressure him to go backwards  whilst he's distracted by satellite

C - Wait for a period of time where the time between the landing of the satelite and the speed of your aerial reaching the landing zone is the same. Fire an aerial, either you will hit him with aerial, satellite backtrap or both(damage boost).

Dual Aerial - Hard
Fire left and right, top and bottom,  take into account the time it takes to reach where you want to hit, your first sticky should be the furthest place, and naturally your second should be your closest. Good for when your getting rid of ambushing spys and co.
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Re: [Guide] - [Poop] - [Detonator Techniques]
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2015, 08:59:34 pm »

A good guide to help people learn some basic demoman techniques, worth reading if you are starting to learn the class.


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Re: [Guide] - [Poop] - [Detonator Techniques]
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2015, 07:39:51 am »


Added stalling and divert.
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