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Author Topic: Challenge Rules - Read Before Posting  (Read 3185 times)

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Challenge Rules - Read Before Posting
« on: July 04, 2015, 02:16:55 pm »

Weekly/Thread Challenge Rules:

- Each week you will be given a batch of three weekly challenges to complete. The time starts at 9 AM EST, and you will be granted a FULL 168 hours TO COMPLETE IT. Once the 168 hours are up, the threads will be locked and a new set of three challenges will appear.

- Merely post the required action in a screenshot (F6 or F9) to complete the challenge. You can use 2 or more screenshots if need be. Gifs are preferred, but not mandatory.

- Every two weeks, you'll also be given a pair of thread challenges to complete.

- Thread challenges grant bonus points (a quarter of a weekly challenge each), except for two things: you will be posting the required material instead of a screenshot or gif from in-game, and the deadline will be 2 weeks instead of 1.

- You can redo your entries in weekly or thread challenges as much as you like. Just make sure you finalize them before the deadline.

- If you fail to complete a weekly or thread challenge within the time frame, no worries. You can still make up for lost time by completing the challenge and posting it in the "past challenges" thread for half the points. Just specify which challenge you are completing in the post, failure to do this will result in the post being ignored. If you modify your post after the deadline, it will be moved to the “past challenges” thread and you’ll only get half the points.

Tourney Challenge Rules:

- Tourney Challenges are a little bit different from daily and thread challenges. Simply join the tourney and win it for an in-game item.

- The tourney will use #RAYBANN as the primary IRC channel. If you aren't familiar with IRC, consider checking here. The GG2 IRC can be easily accessed through the IRC button on the main website, or by clicking here.

- The time to join IRC will be specified in the thread as well as any mods or plugins you may need.

- Once you're in the channel, listen to instructions and you'll be set.


Prizes will be handed out on a percentage completion basis of weekly challenges. There are 21 weekly challenges, three per week, to complete. Completing thread challenges will give you bonus points (a quarter of a weekly challenge). There will be two fresh thread challenges will be given every two weeks until the completion of the event.

Prizes consist of in-game items that will be revealed later on. Prize tiers are as follows:

Tier 3 (70-85%)

Tier 2 (86%-99%)

Tier 1(100% or more)

Remember mercenaries: the greatest betrayal is cheating. If you go so far as to dare circumvent the system, and aim to profit off MY generosity, be prepared to say goodbye to everything you hold dear - your credits, rewards, and most crushingly, your dignity. Mercantiles work together; if you see anyone foolish enough cheating, notify one of my minions - Hanako Ikezawa, ZaSpai, or myself- or make a public announcement through a topic in this board posthaste. We will... deal with them accordingly.

Money is tight, Mercantiles. I can’t afford to sustain large losses this year. Should you see errors in challenges, notify your brethren, whether they are well versed in the battlefields, or green out of boot camp. My bookkeeper will also be watching the threads over the course of the weeks. Challenges are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and we may disqualify submissions before the deadline. Disqualifications will be swiftly posted in the challenge's thread well in advance.

  • For those of you who have just arrived at these fortified lands, Ray Bann welcomes you to the Garrison. The gang of grizzled veterans here are keen on new recruits to INTRODUCE themselves and make themselves known to the friendly faces here.
  • Please feel free to explore everything on offer - share your greatest battles in GENERAL DISCUSSION
  • Receive master classes in the art of war in STRATEGY AND TACTICS
  • Become an elite with other mercs in CLANS.
  • For those with a more intellectual foundation, consider assisting in the ever changing rules of war in DEVELOPMENT, FEATURE REQUESTS, or MODS AND PLUGINS
  • Keen surveyors should pay a visit to our MAPS section and pioneer new battlefields.
  • Winding down at the Garrison is simple, with a sizeable section devoted to pretty much ANYTHING ELSE. Our home is your home.
  • We also have our annual Haxxy competition run by Mr. Haxton Sale himself. Since we have a joint venture at the moment, I’m required to tell you about this. Haxxies Competition Here.
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