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Author Topic: Contest Rules - read before posting  (Read 10041 times)

Haxton Sale

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Contest Rules - read before posting
« on: July 03, 2015, 01:33:42 pm »

General rules:
  • To enter the contest you need to have an account on the Gang Garrison 2 forums. You can create one HERE.
  • Each contestant can submit as many entries as they want, but each qualifying for a different subcategory. Meaning you can submit eg. a drawing and a pixel art, but not two drawings. Be reasonable with the subcategories, though.
  • Each entry has to be submitted in a separate topic. Topics' name should be "[Category] - [Username] - [Subcategory (if applicable)][name of the submission]".
  • List of the categories and specific rules can be found in category-specific boards.
  • You can submit entries finished/started before the contest has started in all categories, but you have to state that in the OP.
  • You can post WIP images and discuss in your topic, but be sure to post your final entry in the OP (your first post).
  • You can change or withdraw your entry as many times as you want, but make sure to change title in topic's name and post your work in the OP.
  • Depending on number and diversity of entries in each category, we may announce subcategories in which you can vote. In some cases, we will sort the entries, so that they can only be voted for in one subcategory (eg. pixel art or fragvid)
  • We allow cooperation, but only up to 2 people, with the exception of MODS and PLUGINS category, where bigger teams are allowed. Make sure to put links to your team members' forum profiles in the OP as well!
  • If you're looking for a team to work with, you can create a thread here (Haxxy general board).
  • You can submit your entries until August 29th, but we may also give you some "overtime" (a week or two) after that to finish up your entries.
  • You are allowed, or even encouraged, to add links to your entries in your signature

  • Last year's hit contest "Raybanns" is back.
  • It's a series of in-game and forum challenges and mini tournaments.
  • Participate or complete them and you'll be rewarded with exclusive items.
  • For more details see the Raybanns board.
  • As usual, prizes will consist of exclusive in-game items.
  • More details will be revealed at a later date.

Before posting your entry please read the FAQ as well.
If something seems unclear, or if you have some questions, please post your concerns in the Haxxy General board or ask in the FAQ topic.

Be sure to tell everyone about our contest!
If you're new here, why don't you stay a while longer, and take a glance at Art created by our forum members. Also check out the Maps and Mods section, maybe you'll find yourself interested in them. Don't forget to introduce yourself and, of course, post your creations in sections mentioned above. Maybe you could even help with the Development of GG2.

If you spot someone breaking the rules, don't hesitate to inform Haxton Sale himself or create a topic in this board.
To see entries from previous editions of Haxxy Awards, check out our Haxxy Archive section.
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