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Author Topic: [MHMe]/[MHMd][V] [Rumusher] "Dr Quartz Haunted Hooligans"  (Read 1798 times)


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[MHMe]/[MHMd][V] [Rumusher] "Dr Quartz Haunted Hooligans"
« on: October 15, 2014, 04:34:14 am »

Something Weird going down at Blu HQ. We are getting reports of Weird Monstrosities popping up from their Base.

It's up to You Red team to walk in and put a stop to Dr. Quartz's
Haunted Hooligans!

Intel on The Bluud

  • -Dr.Quartz : The Facts we have on this mad Doc is scarce. Rumor has it Quarts Scoop Her brains into her Robot servant after her body taken far to many Side effects from her experiments.

  • -Boarst: This lil piggy was once a normal Mute Mutant up until Dr. Quartz got her hands on her. Watch out for this one not only does it Puffs and Blows It Burns the house down Too!

  • -OverVolt: We seen this one last year, but didn't realize until now that it's not a Costume. Dr.Quartz private walking meat titan if She's not Running around terrorizing the town on foot she's bound to be piloting one of these

  • -HayMaker: This thin Strawman use to be our rival intel seeker until a intentional accident with a combine harvester left him a human chex mix. He won't be Seeing our base soon with those sewn Button eyes Quartz used.

  • -Zatin Zeal: This Bluud isn't mutated at all, Dr. Quartz just found him hangin around her dumpster looking for leftovers to use for bait. found out he's been poachin her creations for 2 years. all she did was give him some long dead Newzealander's outfit and pointed him towards RED.

  • -Sniffles: This, This beast is what happens when you tamper with metal and flesh one to many times, in a full count of pure irony Dr.Quartz develop organic Turrets for this thing.

  • -MothMilitant: When Dr.Quartz was working on this Fella, She feed the poor man Owl Dna instead of Moths, oh well atleast now he can 180 spin his head to catch spies.

  • -Mr. Suds: This Scotsman was one of ours before Dr.Quartz deflected a sticky square on his head, before we could bury his body it vanish. Intel reports this poor lot dead body is under control by a Bubble name Mr.Suds. who under Dr.Quartz Payroll.

  • -Dr.Quartz Assistant: going by the first intel reports this is the body of Dr. Quartz or was... it's now just a vessel for a robotic assistant that keeps maintenance and care to the other BLUUDS. Most of the mutations are replaced with robotics to keep the body in it's ideal shape... we don't know if Quartz did that or Her Assistant Either way we at the home stretch.

  • -ItemTrator: Okay this one weird, we didn't place this one up until we had sure proof What on the thirteen Earths this last bluud Quartz had hidden is. uhh It appears all the documents on the monster is tied to some old Program we ran for the poor and hatless, it was a major failure and led to riots and dealers on streets, when it finally closes down due to a fatal crash people hit hard times. The findings points to this bluud is the vengeful Spirit of that program coming back to life to farm the souls of the living. Dr.Quartz must have con this spector to work for her with a left over item.

the background for the mod:

Promo art of the (skin)mod(I hope I finish before October ends).
edit: okay here's the WIP mod currently the stuff that I need to do for the bluud:


-'secret' character animations

stuff that I finished:
-Running animations
the mod
edit: the mod has been updated with the new animations
edit: the new update finishes up the bluud remaining animations.
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Re: [MHMe][V] [Rumusher] "Dr Quartz Haunted Hooligans"
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2014, 04:46:10 am »

I honestly thought Curly there was Pirate Man. Oops...
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Re: [MHMe][V][MHMd] [Rumusher] "Dr Quartz Haunted Hooligans"
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2014, 11:37:52 am »


rare footage of our men retrieving the Intel From Dr.Quartz HQ,
and the brief look into Sniffle's Life before becoming a BLUUD

the BLUUD stand near our doorsteps there's no place to hide!

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