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Author Topic: [fanfic] - [the useless soldier] - [gg]  (Read 1146 times)

the useless soldier

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[fanfic] - [the useless soldier] - [gg]
« on: September 10, 2014, 07:30:08 pm »

In my peripheral vision, I saw a red rocketman hurriedly run past me. I turned around, and began to follow him. Where could this red rocketman be running to? Is he trying to steal our intelligence?

He was in such a rush that he failed to notice the loud echoes of the clanging my footsteps made as I climbed the stairs behind him. His ignorance of his environment did not truly surprise me. For after all, he was just a simple, uncultured rocketman (quite to my disgust).

As he neared our intelligence, my heart began to pound. I knew I would be able to stop him, but my subconscious told me otherwise. How could I not defend our intelligence from this ignorant rocketman?

We reached the flat platform where our intelligence was stored, and I sprinted the last few yards toward him. I raised my hand and as I prepared to stab him, the unexpected occurred - he turned around. It was as if he knew I were behind him all along. With a simple twitch, he had caught me in the act of trying to stab him. A flash of light, and it was then that I realized I was the simpleton.


The red rocketman turned around and surveyed his surroundings - blood was everywhere, and the flesh of the now-deceased blue infiltrator was littered all over the floor. Surprisingly, the head of the infiltrator remained intact. He bent down, and gently removed the cigarette from the infiltrator's mouth. Plopping it in his own mouth, he picked up the BLU intelligence and calmly walked back towards his base.
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