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Author Topic: [Guides and Tutorials] - [BassMakesPaste] - [The March of the Spy Crabs]  (Read 1666 times)


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I recently witnessed an event in the game: a group of Spy Crabs. They were migrating across the map in search of the intelligence--however, many of the players on the server were actively pursuing the Spy Crabs, trying to hunt them down for points. This practice is horrible and has lead to the decline in Spy Crab populations witnessed in recent years. It is my hope that, by teaching you all of the gentle ways of the Spy Crab, you will understand that there is no number of points that would be worth their elimination--for once they are gone, they will not respawn.

The purpose of this guide is to educate you all on the plight of the Spy Crabs in hopes that the next time they show themselves, they can safely make it to their goal. By showing you a successful journey, it is my hope that you will someday join them, or at least assist them if the server has a spy class limit.

And now, The March of the Spy Crabs.

The Spy Crab: Gentle creatures, but with a perilous mission.

Here we see a squad of noble Spy Crabs on their journey to gain the intelligence.

The journey is treacherous and many of the crabs will not make it to their destination. Numbers can help, but often that won't stop the onslaught of the other creatures that reside in the map.

A vicious Pyro attacks the Spy Crabs, leaving only one survivor. With a medic in toe, the Spy Crabs had little chance of evading the pyro without casualties.

This Spy Crab laments the loss of his fellow Spy Crab. The journey may be even more dangerous alone.

The surviving Spy Crabs make it to their destination--only to find that the intelligence has been taken recently by a Scout.

Dismayed and weary, the Spy Crabs wait to see if they can grab another intelligence--a risky move, for a stationary Spy Crab is a perfect target for any number of larger predators.

But the Spy Crabs are in luck! Another intelligence appears and right before a Scout can grab it, one of the Spy Crabs takes it.

Every victory comes with a cost, but this victory was well worth it. The Spy Crabs return to their home with the intelligence.

After the point is captured, a new generation of Spy Crabs will spawn and take the perilous journey to retrieve the intelligence.

Thus is the beautiful and tragic life cycle of a Spy Crab.
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Re: [Guides and Tutorials] - [BassMakesPaste] - [The March of the Spy Crabs]
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2014, 04:18:10 pm »

I think this would be better suited to "Other Written". Also, why is your fanfic under "other written"?
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