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Author Topic: GCD Poll Archive  (Read 3138 times)

B.illy S.O.D.

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GCD Poll Archive
« on: March 16, 2014, 12:23:24 pm »

POLL Archive:

November 2013: How much better is this new thread compared to the old one?
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December 2013: What is the most op thing in GG2?
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January 2014: Why do forumers alias?
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February 2014: Will the Winter Classic EVER Finish?
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March 2014: What do you think of item server?
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April 2014: What do you think of 60 FPS?
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May 2014: What is the best strategy in a pub match?
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June 2014: Is ajf a grill?
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July 2014: Who would win in an EU cage fight??
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August 2014: Will the Summer Escape Tourney ever end???
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September 2014: Who is YOUR waifu??
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October 2014: What is the best pizza chain??
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