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Author Topic: Rewards for Halloween Mini-Haxxy (2011 and 2013)  (Read 6336 times)


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Rewards for Halloween Mini-Haxxy (2011 and 2013)
« on: August 03, 2014, 06:30:15 pm »

Hey y'all,

Really sorry that I took so long to give these rewards out, but at least they're out, right? Makes them more special in a sense.

The winners from 2013 have all gotten Pumpkin Gibs and Will-O-Wisps. The runner-up (Rumrusher) receives one or the other, I've PMed them.

The winners from 2011 all get a Ghost. cats4gold, techically, was a runner-up, but I gave him a Ghost anyway because he deserves it (that song was 3spooky5me and I suggested sampling Mario Kart DS so yeah).

As ever, rewards can be activated from here (where you'll also get your gg2.ini stuff): http://ganggarrison.com/forums/rewards/


EDIT: There were too many participants so if you PM me then and only then will I give you your prize, since all Halloween Mini-Haxxy 2013 participants were promised a reward. (Gibs)
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Re: Rewards for Halloween Mini-Haxxy (2011 and 2013)
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2014, 06:46:13 pm »

Also, we're not doing the "prizes for everyone" thing this year. This year, though, the prizes are already finished. Take it for what you will, they'll actually be distributed Nov 1st this year though.
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