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Author Topic: ❤EE❤ European Erotica - Now Hiring! - Whore with SA on Saturday 6-9 PM EST  (Read 263 times)

bullets (obviously)

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We are a competitive clan made up mostly of EU players (though bullets is NA). This clan focuses on the sexualization of non-human animals and inanimate objects, as well as the various opportunities for... activities available in the darkness of extreme lag.

We were born in the darkness, molded by it. And in that darkness we learned to become men....


Want to join? Please include in your application:
1. Name
2. Most eccentric fetish
3. Pictures of a non-human you're attracted to.

Hey Dan, I don't know if you're aware but I've been attracted to you ever since you joined the forum with your raccoon avatar. Thanks to you, I discovered that I have a fetish for violent raccoons and other things about myself. I made this clan not just as an outlet for my sexual frustration but because I...
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Drunken Steve

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i'm gonna join

1) My name's Paul Johnson
2) My most eccentric fetish is tentacle monsters
3) My picture's of zone-tan's pet <3

isn't he just so CUTE <333333333333333333333333333

Also, good luck on your relationship!
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  • You merely adopted the imbalance..

Might as well post my, umm, official application.
1. My name's Dan
2. My most unconventional fetish are glasses
3. Anthony <3
Did I mentioned I'm in vet school? <3
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If a mod doesn't break at least one of his own rules then he's generally a fag.


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