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Author Topic: [Guides and Tutorials] - [TailPipe] - [Reference Guide - Attack Classes]  (Read 1215 times)


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A Brief Introduction and Tactics to Attack Classes

Hey, if youíve joined us for the first time or need to refresh your knowledge, welcome to Gang Garrison 2. This guide youíre about to read contains a starting list of strategies and purposes of the classes thatíll help you get a good jumpstart at the game, and possibly boost your progress as time goes on.

The strategies, introduction, etc. contained in this guide describes the Runner, Firebug, Rocketman, and using your logic and perspective during gameplay.

This guide wonít exactly get you to MLG skillz, but it will give you a good eye and a starting boost to this game, as mentioned already.

While this guide may not seem that much, youíll find out that it may contain a lot more useful information than you think. Ok? Letís begin.


The Starting Basics

As you know, all 10 classes are categorized in this specific order:

Runner, Firebug, Rocketman

Overweight, Detonator, Healer             

Constructor, Infiltrator, Rifleman


:x11: Runner: :x21: Fastest of all, caps faster than the others

 :x12: Firebug: :x22: Overheating maniac, can unleash flames onto nearby enemies.

 :x13: Rocketman: :x23: A soldier of explosives, uses rockets to deliver excessive damage.

 :x14: Overweight: :x24: Strong like bull; can cause a hail of bullets to rain down on enemies.

 :x15: Detonator: :x25: Another soldier of explosives; can use stickies to lay traps and detonate later.

  :x16: Healer: :x26: HP-giving saint; provides life-saving healing to allies as well as  briefly providing invulnerability to one after healing for a certain amount of time.

:x17: Constructor: :x27: An engineer; can build autoguns to provide defense or support against charging enemies.
:x18: Infiltrator: :x28: An assassin that gets enemies intimidated; turns invisible and provides an instant-killing stab to one or more enemies, as well as shooting with a powerful revolver.

 :x19: Rifleman: :x29: Long range assassin; can shoot at long distances which fires non-arc instantly, rather than flying downwards out of someoneís gun.

 :quote: Quote/Curly: :curly: Cute Easter eggs, and the smallest of all characters; uses bubbles as a shield against some gunfire as well as throwing blades to knock back enemies.



The Runner is described as one of the communityís favourites to play as, because he can run twice as fast as the normal running class, double jump mechanism for extra reach, and a fast travelling scattergun that can give up to 48 HP worth of damage to an enemy.

People may comment that he is a powerful character to play as. However, this is not true. The Runner, in fact, has the lowest max HP score out of all classes of only 100 points. In a 1 vs 1 duel, the Runner may overcome the enemy if used properly and strategically; but when against a team vs team fight, the Runner may be the first to die from the rest. At some times, your gun can be really insufficient compared to others, so you will have to think twice before making a move. Take a look at these following screenshots:

(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)

To get a good view and use on the Runner, hereís an important fact: Stay sharp, and look out for Infiltrators.

You can be an easy target for Infiltrators that plan to ďdropstabĒ you. In other words, take a look at this descriptive screenshot:

(click to show/hide)

As mentioned before, Stay sharp.
This doesnít just apply against Infiltrators, but everyone. Just because people are off-screen doesnít mean you canít hear them; this is something that most people doesnít often check. Since you run fast, you have to have fast reaction time. While youíre moving, make note of these couple points:
  • Distant gunfire and where is it coming from.
  • Listen for sudden jumping when no oneís around (enemy infiltrator).

Staying in the air
Most people have trouble getting runners while theyíre airborne, especially when the runners are right above them; because some charactersí weapon doesnít exactly shoot straight up without moving around in panic. This is a nice tactic to use against long victims.

Or if you want to go kamikaze, you could charge at the enemy team, confuse or get them in panic with erratic movement to buy time for your team to get in, and come back dead or alive along with a dead victim or two.



Obviously a pyromaniac, the firebug can be considered dangerous when approaching enemies. Since his main weapon, the flamethrower, can blast out 6 seconds of flames plus shoot a flare to great distances, others could or will be shouting out for medics or frantically getting back to the health spot. In addition, ignited enemies will have to deal with afterburn which decreases HP at a rate depending how much flame was put on the ignited enemy.

Important quote of this class: Youíre not a character that can shoot far, like the other classes, therefore vulnerable to long shots from enemies.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that youíre not very effective when enemies are a distance from you, and they can shoot and possibly stop you from reaching at them if you plan to charge. However, if youíre right at someone alone, there are a couple ways you can try to eliminate him.

First: Obfuscation
Obfuscating the enemy up close is a strategic and evil way to kill and come out alive. A common scenario would be that Iím up close to a lone overweight as a firebug, what should I do? Remember that overweights are very slow, and almost immobile when they have their minigun activated, so make sudden movements when up to the overweight, like jumping erratically or moving back and forth:

(click to show/hide)

However, there are exceptions. An overweight with a keen mind may still try to kill you; but if that doesnít work, then as a last resort he may stop and consume his Manvich(sandwich). Remember that the Manvich can heal the overweight at a fast rate, and your flamethrower can be [/b]underpowered against that rate alone[/b]. Even worse, your flamethrower runs out of ammo in 6 seconds if used continuously, and if youíre still holding down the mouse button, all youíre going to eject is little farts of flame that does little damage to your victim.

The logical ways to dealing with this situation are either airblasting that overweight to for example off a ledge to death, or even going away and coming back with reinforcements.

Second: Airblasting
Can be activated by clicking the right mouse button, airblasting releases a puff of oxygen that can be useful for a number of reasons.
Some of those useful features include: Deflecting enemy rockets/stickies, extinguishing your allies, pushing enemies back. Donít be afraid to use your common sense and airblast, especially when youíve noticed that your allies are close to dying from flames or explosives.



The rocketman can deliver up to 55 hp worth of damage on enemies while carrying 4 rockets at a time.  4 direct hits x 55 = 220 hp worth of damage.
If you canít get a direct hit, then passive explosions (shooting at the surface near enemies) will most likely hurt them; and while it doesnít give much damage then direct hitting (8 Ė 54 hp), itís better than nothing.

Thinking Logically
When faced with an overweight and healer pair, try and get the healer first. Hereís a scenario:

(click to show/hide)
Note that there are two healers supporting the overweight. In my own words, the healers are the supports to the structure(overweight); if you want to get the structure to collapse, you need to first get rid of the supports.

Also note that Iím moving away from the pair, because even though each of my 4 rockets can deliver sufficient damage, I know I wonít be able to survive in this situation, and I can a vital tool to help my team to victory. Iím left with two options: Back off and wait for reinforcements, or try and get the last healer of the pack. Either way, it isnít worth charging at the pack and hoping to get out alive.

Think ahead than your enemy

When in pursuit or against enemies, try and predict what theyíre about to do later; such as jumping to avoid your rockets, committing suicide to waste your time, etc.

Take this screenshot and description for example:

(click to show/hide)


Your own logic and perspective during gameplay

Most often, the fault of dying constantly from other players comes from you, because you weren't either paying attention, or didn't have enough logic to survive for more than five minutes. Fortunately, Iím here to help. Here are a few tactics to stay ahead of the game and surviving more often, regardless of any class.

Autogun Elimination
The autogun can be found when a constructor is involved. It is, of course, a defense machine which open fires at enemies on sight. Eventually, that becomes an annoyance, and you want that autogun eliminated without getting yourself eliminated, so how can you?

Easy, jump directly above the auto and open fire downwards.

Autoguns cannot shoot directly upwards, nor downwards; this deems the autogun as defenseless unless there are fellow enemies near it. This tactic is the safe and fastest way to eliminate autoguns which is used by almost everyone.


The killfeed is a constantly-updated list that appears on the top-right corner of your screen; it shows who killed who and what weapon was used. That killfeed isnít there for dťcor or being absolutely useless, take advantage of it and find out whoís playing who before you encounter them in-game:

(click to show/hide)

Kill cam and player tracking

The kill cam occurs when you are killed from another player. Before spawning, the camera provides a freezeshot of the player who killed you and how. Depending on how long the spawn time takes, by clicking the left mouse button, you enable player tracking which lets you focus on one player at a time; enable player tracking and press the movement buttons and youíre in free mode until you spawn.

When youíre in free mode, take this opportunity to scan the enemy base or scan the non-commonly used pathways and see what they've got set up, so later you can inform your team once you spawn again.


Mentioned frequently in this guide, sound is something you need to look out for. Listening for distant noises or from where you are may not only save your life and others, but to help you get prepared on what lies off-screen. Watch out for sounds like:
  • Heavy or rapid gunfire.
  • People suddenly dying off screen.
  • Listening for sudden jumps when youíre alone.
If you do hear a jump that sounds close by, and thereís no one around you, itís an enemy infiltrator, so watch out for that. For better sound performance and perspective, earphones or headphones are suggested.


We understand, lagging is an internet epidemic. Thereís only so much we can do to reduce lag in our servers or modems. If you do experience lag, the best thing to do is to deal with it; because no one honestly wants to deal with a squeaker that complains about how lag affects his/her life entirely and takes it on the community.

If youíre lagging that much, the alternative thing to do is to leave and come back later, because hopefully that can get your modem or internet company to catch up and improve your internet speed.



Yes, you've reached the end of this wondrous brief guide. While it may not contain as much info as a professional guide, by then you should get a good idea and concept of the game. I figured that a short, but informative guide is better than a long, run-on guide.

There will be two other guides, one describing the defense classes, and the other for support classes. I may have to make a completely separate guide for the un-categorized.

For you newcomers (and veterans), have a fantastic time here in Gang Garrison 2 and show some gratitude to the community. :c1:
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you got the categories wrong, healer is in defense and constructor in support
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you got the categories wrong, healer is in defense and constructor in support

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