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Author Topic: [Other written entry] - [21Dan] - [Script]  (Read 1255 times)


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[Other written entry] - [21Dan] - [Script]
« on: July 13, 2014, 07:41:52 am »

I remember I did this.

It's backwards blue on red and red on blue cuz' main class must be red and It must be from left to right.(It looks better)

Map: old_2dfort         

1-Frame fixed on the center of the map.Red Constructor comes from the left with sentry in hands(made in randomiser maybe idk),when he reaches the center, screen freezes and expanded framework on constructor(here we can explain his capacities,class explination).*still on this fixed frame* constructor exits the frame on the right.Blue Healer healing the Overweight with Rocketman and Firebug come from the left.While Healer,Overweight and Rocketman exit on the right Firebug stops in the center and looks up and makes x19(red Rifleman).Firebug gets shot by Rifleman and gets killed.(maybe some nice dead animation).Frame goes on high right,red Rifleman(reloading animation), he taunts, screen freezes and expands on him(his capacities,class explination).
2-Frame slightly move to the right still showing the blue box.Here we find Blue team(healer,overweight,rocketman) going right.Red Runner comes from the left with intel,sits on the blue box and taunts(in this time Rocketman can shoot 1-2 rockets on the right,so he looks busy).Frame slightly increasing at Healer(healing overweight) and Overweight,Healer stops moving and healing, makes z1,Overweight looks at him and makes z2,Healer makes x11 then c2.Frame back to normal,showing O and M going for the Runner, Runner going left with the intel, Rocketman exits the frame.*still on this fixed frame* invisible blue Infiltrator goes visible in the center of the frame looking right then left and making z2, taunts..while the cigarette is falling screen freezes and expands on Infiltrator(class explination).
3-Next scene will take place slightly right below the blue spawning place.While blue Rocketman goes right,(siting on blue box)sees red Detonator,he stops and fires a rocket , Detonator makes it explode with a bomb.Soldier makes z4, screen freezes.Now some editing-Rocketmans expanded screen near Detonators expanded screen(showing both classes capacities).Now random fighting(busy with school homework) and some way both die at same time(nice dead animation maybe).Slightly left movement of the frame,blue Infiltrator goes visible looks down at blue soldier then looks up(not 90 degrees,he looks up at the intel position) and makes x17 and then goes right exiting the screen(still visible).
4-It takes place on the oposite place from scene 2(red area).Red Runner with the intel comes from the right while red Firebug comes from the left.They stop near each other(slightly increased frame at them), Runner makes x8 and c3. They both go right.
5-In the center again.We have O and M(they are close)going left starting from that right blue box. Firebug comes from the left and starts fire(at some point screen freezes and expands on Firebug showing class explination)at heavy(not jumping,staying still),while this happens Runner jumps over O and M, M makes x11 and z3 screen freezes showing M and O class capacities(like in the Deto and Rckman situation)*back to normal* Runner with the intel[(maybe can be done while still in the air)(facing left)]makes z5 or z6(screen freezes and shows Runners class explination) *back* Firebug dies(nice dead animation maybe).After a few seconds M and O(standing still).. M makes z8 and O makes z9.

~here it ends but I think there should be a funny scene at the end~ 

6-BOOM ganggarrison 2 pictures and shit promoting the game and stuff I don't know..
7(extra scene,maybe no music or extra sounds on this one)-It takes place up on the blue intel spot.The red Constructor with the sentry in hands comes from the right and stops at the intel,makes x5,places the sentry and makes z5 looks at it, Blue Infiltrator from the other scenes stabs the sentry and stays invisible,while this happens the Constructor makes z4 and z7.

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