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Author Topic: [Fanfic] [Shade] [Runner encounters Rifleman]  (Read 1205 times)


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[Fanfic] [Shade] [Runner encounters Rifleman]
« on: July 11, 2014, 07:36:52 pm »

Runner had finally walked out on Rocketman, not being able to take much more of his ramblings.
So he retreated to the base again, looking for something to do.
There was still 6 hours until any fighting would begin.
BLU team didn't want to fight, Constructor refused to mention the events of last night and the day was getting very boring for the young mercenary.

He considered to talk to Infiltrator, but he was too busy scrubbing food out of his suit. He said it was hard being French was hard, apparently. Sleeping in fridges and everything. Stupid spooks... Being spooky.And gay. Especially that.

Runner had tried to speak to Miss Pauling, being the sexy lady she is. But she was busy boring stuff to talk to him down the phone. Which was okay for him, because he was too nervous to talk to her, or what Infiltrator calls him.A wimpy son of a b**ch.

Anyway, he decided to give the Rifleman a visit, because that sad bastard needs a social life. Plus his boredom was reaching new levels, he had actually considered.....Reading... Just no... no.

Runner was now climbing Rifleman's ladder that reached the Rifleman's chill out place. Which was unfair since Runner wanted a chill place. Where he could put his hats... Weapon skins..Tissues.. And such and so forth. So anyway, Runner began to climbing the ladder, and within seconds he was up and outside Rifleman's place. Which confused Runner because why would you need to live somewhere so high up?

The Bostonian opened the door,which was usually locked. And the wooden hang out spot for the Australian. There was a typical assortment any person would have; magazines, photos, Jarate, a laptop with the Gang Garrison 2 Archive open. Damn, Sniper loved himself sometimes...
"Snipes? You in here?" Runner called out. No reply. Runner hoped something weird wasn't gonna happen again...

"Runner!" Called an Australian voice.

"Snipes?" Scout replied.

"Yeah, oi'm in the tub, can you see the large container near the chair, by the cabinet? It should there." Rifleman requested.

Runner looked around, saw what he was requested to see. It was a large container ,as Sniper said, and looked almost like one of those plastic tubs they have in the kitchen. Runner walked over to it, and out of curiosity, reached out to open it.

His hand grasped the side of it, and he slowly popped off the lid, in there was...Runner sighed... Rifleman.

"Thanks mate." Rifleman praised Runner as he got out of the container.

"Dude, you said you were in the tub." Scout exclaimed to the Australian marksman.

"Yeah, where I come from, plastic containers are called tubs." Rifleman explained. He then exited the door and jumped off the ledge. Scout ran after him to see if he actually jumped off, because that would have been funny. But it seemed... He was not there...

And that was story of Runner encountering Rifleman...
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