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Author Topic: Official Maps HD - ctf_conflict - STARTED  (Read 21746 times)


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Re: Official Maps HD - ctf_conflict - STARTED
« Reply #210 on: August 02, 2014, 03:46:06 pm »

How this can be possible ??  :drool: :drool: i want make too maps like this

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Re: Official Maps HD - ctf_conflict - STARTED
« Reply #211 on: August 03, 2014, 05:55:37 pm »

Can I suggest replacing that awkward pile of crates above the blue spawn with one of the trailers from the background with a box in front of it, or a truck? I never understood why there's a pile of crates there with inclines placed over them
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I don't like it.  :nah:
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Re: Official Maps HD - ctf_conflict - STARTED
« Reply #212 on: March 10, 2019, 03:15:45 am »


My apologies for bumping this thread. Iíll be locking this after this post.

For some of you that donít know who I am, I am Dronery, or formerly known as that now. Iíve been in the community since 2009. Itís insane thinking that it has been 10 years since I first registered on the forums. I remember the old days when the community was insanely active, where the game had infinite ammo no flareblast, and arena and generator was just added.

Iíve seen a lot of faces go in and out, and have made friends and lost some. Everyone has gotten distant or busy with life. I myself have been subject to it. Back when I was still active, I was glad to be able to have done things for the community

It was great to participate in the haxxy's there were a lot of good contestants with fantastic art pieces.

I made ctf_trueforthd and a couple other maps. Ctf_trueforthd was my magnum opus back in the day, but I was convinced to try to make ctf_conflicthd back in 2014.

With ctf_conflicthd, I actually deleted it a long time ago. My apologies for those who had thought I would finish it. I always intended the art for the map to be led by the community. However, I saw that there was decaying interest in the game and basically lack of feedback with the map (Although I did get feedback a while later). So I lost interest in drawing the rest of the map.

Seeing as the forum and game is dying, I thought I would leave one last message to rest any ghosts I have left over and stop lurking, bit selfish of me. Anyways to some old faces, nice to see you again. To those who are still here, Iím glad youíre here for the final days.

Itís been a great ride. Thanks for everything everyone.

See you in the next one,
Formerly Dronery

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