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Author Topic: [Maps] - [Yuko] - [cp_moai]  (Read 2221 times)


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[Maps] - [Yuko] - [cp_moai]
« on: August 27, 2013, 01:32:43 am »

Dearest mercenaries,

Do you believe yourself capable to face the mighty moai? To tangle with the essence of human force itself: a stone, stubborn, mirror image of man, gruelingly created by God-knows-who- or what? The moai truly represents human force, which all but the foolish know to be the true nature of the violent and masculine man, in its mystery and untapped sheer force. To tangle with the moai is to dance with human nature itself.

Unfortunately, the moai are not alive. You'll have to settle for slaughtering and wrestling with actual men. Have fun, and don't damage the moai statues. These are precious artifacts you're fighting for.

A map will be contained with this letter. Don't lose this one like you did last time, I beg of you.

I mean it. Sincerely, General of Foreign Archaeology, Professor "Moe" I.

Compiled, ready to go version (wallmask here):

So yeah. I've already said all there really is to be said about the map elsewhere. I wanted to do something with more vertically-oriented combat (slopes) but still enough flat ground for the same fighting everyone is used to. Map knowledge is huge here because the slopes allow for several chokepoints that I feel would not be possible on a flat map. I've gone through some of these chokepoints here (keep in mind the image is out of date) if you'd like to see them.

For art, I tried to do something minimalist because I'm lazy because I feel it fits GG2 more. It certainly wasn't by the end product, but I think it looks alright if you use the term liberally (at least better than cp_dota lol.)

Enjoy! Feel free to playtest it all you like. I'm going out tomorrow  for most of the morning and a bit of the afternoon so I'll be hosting it for a few hours myself. I'll post in the bro lounge.

Oh, and a tip for everyone? When Elkondo postpones the deadline for a week, take advantage of the fact. Don't procrastinate.
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