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Author Topic: [Menu Background]-[Gray]-[Don't you destroy That Constructors Sentry My Friend]  (Read 1342 times)


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A little something i did a while ago and then decided to put it up for fun:)
And don't expect it to be perfect just giving it a shot.

Also Here It Is Without The Menu Backround

Hope You Enjoyed It:)


-Fixed Detonators head making it longer

-Made Detonators feet shorter

-Fixed Infiltrators Hand making it look like hes gripping it from the right

-Fixed Sentry bullet  


-Corrected colors

-Removed some things to add more gg2 style

-Fixed Sentry bullets

-Fixed Detonators leg matching each side

-Extended Sentry gun a little bit

Make sure to spot other things and ill try to fix them
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Do you have the original pixel art? I think it would do better if you scaled it rather than stretched it to fit the frame.
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