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Author Topic: [Tutorial and Guide] - [Gray] - [*Gang Garrison 2)Un Freaking Touchable!]  (Read 2173 times)


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The Runner has pretty low health but is very useful for getting away from those baddies Also He can Jump of course as every class but theirs another thing to that HE CAN ALSO DOUBLE JUMP sorry got a little excited their folks. Here are some pics of Runner in action.

Just showing the abilities sorry its short just for fun also sense i decided their can be multiple winners i decided to fit this little thing in and please don't be mean about this its just for fun also if you think about it this whole contest is for fun.
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you've got my vote
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I've been listening to a bit of Green Day recently (past 2 months actually). Really raises the level of "fuckethesystem" in me.  :z5:
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Yeah I think this is gonna beat your guide, Intel. You better step it up.


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