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Author Topic: Rules - read before posting  (Read 11984 times)

Haxton Sale

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Rules - read before posting
« on: June 30, 2013, 12:26:59 pm »

Please read general and FAQ rules first. [Rules] [FAQ]

  • Use THIS board if you need any help with your mod, but don't ask others to do your work. Do everything yourself.
  • You are allowed to do anything you want with your mod, as long as you can clearly say that it uses the same "engine".
  • Be sure to post some WIP stuff (alpha/beta versions or at least screenshots) in case of someone accusing you of cheating. It's not required, but makes your work look more legit.
  • If your mod is just a sprite-mod, it has to be compatible with latest official build.
  • Do not submit mods that can be qualified as cheats or hacks!

  • Use THIS board if you need any help with your plugin, but don't ask others to do your work. Code everything yourself.
  • All plugins are welcome - both "for fun" and more serious ones.

If something seems unclear, or if you have some questions, please post your concerns in Haxxy General board.
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