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Author Topic: [Request] Shoutout server side plugin  (Read 1140 times)


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[Request] Shoutout server side plugin
« on: April 16, 2013, 07:27:13 pm »

 I have no idea how 2.5 exactly works with the server side plugins, but I think I know enough to make a request using that feature. ~

   This is a host plugin that simply "shoutouts" certain events in the game. Using the server side plugin thing of 2.5, players can choose to download a plugin that makes a little sound or maybe music when an event is reached. For examples, refer to below:
 #Player is used for player who completed the special event.

(Pyro kills 4 people within 10 seconds of each kill) "Player is burning it up!"
2:07 - 2:13

(Any class is having a kill streak of 5) "Player is DOMINATING!"

*(Any class makes two kills in succession) "Player performed a DOUBLE KILL!"

*(If the Sniper's first and only shot on the player they hit was "instantly killed") Player HEADSHOTTED!)

(Soldier or Demoman makes a kill while Sticky/Rocket jumping) "Player is jumpin' around!"
0:52 - 1:02

(Spy lands a backstab) "Gotcha, bitch!" (note, players will not be announced+sound ONLY)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXxCnt4SIMA Also, I have nothing against Obama, this is simply an example sound effect.

*(Pyro continuously holds S/D and primary fire only and makes a kill) "Player proves A/D + M1 has skill!"
0:46 - 0:57

(First kill in the round is made)" Player has FIRST BLOOD!"

*(Player suicides) "Player has humiliated themself."

(Player kills themself with rockets/stickies and kills an enemy in the process) "Player has KAMIKAZED!"

(Player kills an invisible enemy spy via backstab) "Player is a H@XX0RZ!"

*(Player makes an airshot via rocket only(?)) "Player has AIRSHOTTED!"
1:11 - 1:18 With everyone on this song...

(Player kills a nomming heavy) "Player is intruding your LUNCHTIME!"

(Player kills every enemy on the opposing team in a single life) "Player is a BADASS! Maybe something else though, as I don't like that word.
1:17 - 1:19

*(Team wins a match)
0:13 - 0:35 or 0:25

Only viewed by the player's arrival on a server. (Player joins the server) A custom little art slide appears with the map rotation in the server's config files (It does not show the maps, it simply relies on the server to have them, and just shows the names)

* = has a cooldown time of about 15 or 20 seconds, as they can be common.
* = relies of the ability for music to be played on the client is possible with the server's added file they can choose to download. If not downloaded, music will not be played on their client.
* = because headshots are not possible, this is simply in simpler terms: A sniper kills an enemy with only one shot. Basically, they get lucky with low HP enemies. They can only get it if it is their first shot on them. If they have been healed to full health again, you can earn a "headshot" on them. Medic, Respawn and Med. Cabinent.

 Going into detail a bit, the server will first ask the client an optional gml file (or something) to download for the server. If they decline this, server-side end round event music will not play. Sounds or  Music with certain shoutouts will not play, but will be shown in text like in Arena.

 If they accept, however, fun happens (and complicated behind-the-scenes, sadly). The gml. file downloads the server's maprotation file (with names and such). For an example, if the map has koth_Nerve_a2, cp_shalehole and koth_ghostfort, it will show those names (it expects the host to actually have those maps) in vertical order on the "Welcome!" Screen.

 The client downloads certain music files needed for the events (so, if a pyro gets four kills, the client will have the downloaded clip of "Burn baby burn!" to play) . Most of them will be about 5 or so seconds long, depending what it is, so memory usage should not be large. It also downloads a custom picture (like those in spriteloader) that holds the Welcome sign and map rotation sheet.
 If anything overrides: (1 v 1, and the A/D + M1 event is called, but so does the "Badass" event, it will either choose one randomly, or the game chooses the "smarter" option)
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Re: [Request] Shoutout server side plugin
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2013, 02:59:41 am »

That's awesome, I want it.
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Re: [Request] Shoutout server side plugin
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2013, 02:49:27 pm »

 Updated OP with a few example clips.
Also, note, these are suggestions, and will not be in Youtube videos, they will be in sound files.
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