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Author Topic: [Best Mod Idea] Delayed  (Read 2407 times)


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[Best Mod Idea] Delayed
« on: August 24, 2012, 07:34:01 pm »

Changes Gang Garrison from a platform shooter into a turn based platform shooter.
"Record" yourself doing things then watch both yours and the other players' movements as all of your "recordings" are executed at once.

Main Features:
- The game waits till both teams have 6 players minimum.
- When that requirement is filled the game starts. No setup times and such.
- The timer shows 1:00 which continuously goes down. The player must do actions like moving and shooting in this timespan. During this timespan, players are unable to see each other (with a few exceptions). Also, there's a 5 second breather before this timespan starts, during which players cannot do actions. It's there so the player can grasp the situation he's in. This phase is called [Acting Phase].
- When that minute is elapsed, the server disallows the controls and puts back everyone to their original place.  Players are now allowed to see eachother. The server then takes the characters and does what exactly the players did in that minute. Basically, it replays the players actions, but this time, all of them at once and the players can see eachother. This phase is called [Showtime].
- After that, the cycle continues. Players are once again required to speculate and do actions without seeing the others in [Acting Phase], and then the server once again replays them their and the others' actions in the next [Showtime].
- No respawning. When a team has no players left alive, the other team wins.
- Spectators and dead players can spectate other players during their [Acting Phase] in real time, or can turn on free look to only see the [Showtime].

Class changes:

Everyone sees the construction and destruction of the sentries realtime
(The sentry of course doesn't target or shoot them during [Acting Phase])

Classes are unable to see teammates and enemies unless stated otherwise


You can see any enemy you have lit up before during your [Acting Phase] as long as they're alight




You can see your teammates real time in your [Acting Phase]
Über charges 45 seconds, no matter how injured the patient is
Healing them does not show up in their or others [Acting Phase]
Your actions do not change their [Acting Phase]
- If they died to afterburn or self damage in their [Acting Phase], you healing them won't change the outcome

You get 100 nuts and bolt at the end of every [Acting Phase]
Other players can see your sentry

You can see the enemies' first 5 seconds of [Acting Phase], allowing you to plan a backstab
After a backstab, you must wait 10 seconds till you can initiate another

You can see the nearest enemy's starting place
You can see any teammate's starting place between you and the nearest enemy

"Starting place" here means the place where the players will start their actions in their [Acting Phase]

It's not fleshed out too much yet, I don't think I made myself too clear, but whatever, at least I got this written down. I can make it nicer sometime later.


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Re: [Best Mod Idea] Delayed
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2012, 08:12:57 pm »

sounds like frozen synapse.


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Re: [Best Mod Idea] Delayed
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2012, 11:36:19 pm »

you should be able to see your teammates and what their planned actions are at all times, otherwise coordinating attacks would be too difficult
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