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Author Topic: [MAP]-[Jesus Heenok Christ]-[imstillmad, doingmapis2ez][cp_mountainjazz]  (Read 3148 times)


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Ok, I can't lie. I really like your map, but the reason it's not there is because I somehow forgot to put it on the list. I'm really, really sorry about that, but yeah, don't get discouraged, stay with us and keep making awesome maps! I mean we all make it not for awards, but for good reviews and opinions, now this is a real award. And yeah, I'm serious about that, I never got any award or anything for my animations, all I got was mentioning me in the game's credits, somewhere in the middle, in the crowd of other names (I made music and class select animations). And I had to ask for the forum title myself, couse I didn't get one despite being Beta Tester and donator.

art of the map isn't finish but sentry is dead so i couldn't just give him all the work and i didn't know other maps on which i could steal stuff, i tried to do it but it was shit so i give this "acceptable" version. It is a 3 cp "non linear" map, which allow it to offer something different like different class priority and bottomless pit without being an obstacle that you need to jump over.

it is compiled but if it is like last year i doubt the maps were actually play tested

if you have played it during the last month then you can leave feedback about problems you had or if you believe there's stuff missing
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  • Idiot.

That's a good map


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reminds me a lot of this


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reminds me a lot of this
thought exactly the same
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