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Author Topic: [Map] Spectatin - cp_professional (Not compiled, help is appreciated!)  (Read 2648 times)

<USPP> Spectatin

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This map was started way before the competition, back in January of this year.




(click any of the images to see them full size)

For some reason when I compile this, the central point doesn't seem to work.

If you can compile this for me, that would be really appreciated!
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wait why are you even entering this then

bullets (obviously)

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If you have problems with points, dig around in the entities file with Notepad or something and make sure the CapturePoint entities are listed directly after their respective ControlPoint{x} entity. I think this'll fix cp problems most of the time

wait why are you even entering this then
Quote from: Haxton Sale link=topic=32362.msg1101875#msg1101875
You can submit entries finished/started before the contest has started in all categories, but you have to state that in the OP. Those entries will most probably be given separate categories.
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