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Author Topic: [Best Mod] Momentum Garrison 2 - Surpass the Impossible and all that jazz.  (Read 2031 times)


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You want air control?
Too bad.
You want de-limited velocity?
You want Zip-lines that defy physics?


Work in progress mod, which changes some of the physics behind GG2.
This mod likely won't stop with the momentum, as if you recognize the sprites (probably not) you might also realize I have bigger plans for it.

Currently only the red scout has been remade to utilize the new animation layout, so other classes will have issues.

W to exit a zipline while in motion
W to get up out of a roll
A scout's double jump allows him to go the other direction.

You roll if you hit the ground moving fast enough vertically and horizontally, jump off of the zipline before you start heading up if you want to try it.

I'm tired for now, but we'll see what happens with this.
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