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Author Topic: Best Mod Idea - BassMakesPaste - Mechanic Example - Grappling Hooks  (Read 3251 times)


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For every class. Especially heavy.

Not that stupid "pull you from point a to point b" one. I'm talkin' straight up hard core massively bionic grappling hooks. Ones that arc in a curve that can be adjusted to the player's liking. Ones that preserve momentum as you soar effortlessly with minimal air control because air control is for wimps.

Like this one that I just happened to have sitting, gathering dust in the far reaches of my computer.

This isn't in an actual mod because it would require a complete overhaul of every bit of collision and/or movement code in the game. And it would require a million rebalances. And it's completely impractical outside of the realm of novelty.
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