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Author Topic: Gaming Discussion Rules  (Read 8185 times)


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Gaming Discussion Rules
« on: May 20, 2012, 02:17:13 am »

Click here to learn what happens when you fail to follow rules correctly.

What is welcome

Threads or posts discussing:
Video game consoles
Upcoming video games
Released video games
Video game habits, favorites, and the like
Flash/Indie games
A Let's Play/Retsupurae

Posts of:
Video game screenshots
Stories of video games/consoles
Videos of video games/consoles
Opinions on video games/consoles

Help threads about:
Getting a video game to work on a computer
Console help threads

Help posts (search for the proper thread) about:
Getting a video game to work on a computer
Getting tips about how to beat a game

What is allowed

Directly related to video games:
Setting up online matches
Posting server information
Sharing an online group for video games

Discussion of video games:
Friendly ribbing/taunting long as it's about video games
Civilized arguments about consoles or video games
Sharing your opinion about certain video games

Off topic:
Swearing (I think we're allowed to swear on the internet)
Some off topic conversation (as long as it's justified, and generally it shouldn't last more than two pages)
Do not make a thread that is off topic to begin with.

What doesn't go here

General Chatter:

Board games (Monopoly, Chess)
Sports (Football, Baseball)
Visual novels
Dating simulations (they're basically visual novels)
Your awful video game fanfictions (let the guys in General Chatter deal with it, not me)
Computer help threads (if it's not for getting a video game to work on the computer)
Anything not related to video games

Your painstakingly handrawn (in crayon) and colored (in marker) art about video games, or anybody else's.
If you make a post about it, that's fine as long as it's in the respected thread. Do not make a thread about it.

Gang Garrison
Discuss anything related to Gang Garrison in the forums already provided.

What isn't allowed

Small text, i.e. Like this.
Smiley spam, i.e.  xD :woot: :panic: :hehe16:(for your sake, not mine)
Petty arguments
Creepy posts (not in the scary sense and according to my own judgement)
Console wars
Stupid posts
Inappropriate pictures or posts.
Discussion of or linking to piracy
Threads discussing video games that have no factual ground of being in development


Posts related to torrenting or pirating video games will be instantly deleted. This includes mentioning it, discussing it, or even hinting towards it. In addition, you will be punished with a three day ban for repeated instances.

Discussion of emulation is fine as long as the game is over a decade old.

If you find a post breaking the rules, send me a private message.

The general forum rules still apply

Remember to use your common sense.
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