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Author Topic: Everything about Hosting!  (Read 25958 times)


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Everything about Hosting!
« on: November 16, 2008, 07:05:05 am »

How to set up a custom map rotation and how to host a dedicated server

I've created 2 images which should help you learn how to set up a map rotation with custom maps, and how to use the new dedicated server features.  These do not show you how to create your own maps, but you can find information about that by pressing F1 in the Garrison Builder.

Map Rotation with Custom Maps

Using the New Dedicated Server Options

Note:  These tutorials were made with an older version of Gang Garrison, but they are still correct.  However, the names of the built-in maps have changed.  To see the new names, check your ini file's [Maps] section.

Clarification:  There is not a separate dedicated server exe.  The "dedicated server" is just a special way to launch the normal game.  It skips the main menu, clicks on Host, and mutes itself, so that you can tell Windows to launch it automatically and silently.  Even after you've started your dedicated server, you can play in it.  (F12 to unmute sound)  There are technical reasons that the server and the game are the same program.  Many people don't realize that many kinds of game servers do almost exactly the same thing as the game itself (like Source engine).  On the bright side, this means that if you can play Gang Garrison on one of your computers, then that computer is powerful enough to host a server (dedicated or otherwise) and you already have everything you need (a copy of the game).
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The basics of hosting

FIRST you need to port forward or nobody will be able to join your server! Read this or this guide.

SECOND disable both particles and gibs in your options!! You want to do that because gibs are coded in such a way that they cause slowdown and lag even on the best PCs.

The player limit should be something between 8 and 18 players depending on your preferences. With more than 18 players the game turns into a hopeless spamfest and it will lag for most players.

If you want to host custom maps you can learn how to do it here. You can find a selection of custom maps which I like  here.

If you want to further reduce lag, you can host as a dedicated server. This thread explains how to do it.

Press F12 to mute Gang garrison2.

Tell us your location with your server name. EU, US, ASIA, etc.. Because of gg2's shitty netcode European players will lag a lot on American servers and vice-versa.

Some people say, that setting the process priority to high improves the performance of your server. I don't know, but it's always worth a try. But don't set it to real-time, because this can easily crash your pc.

Some people will be annoyed if you play on your own server, because it gives you a slight advantage. But it's your own server, do what you want!

No matter what you do, there will be always somebody complaining about lag. Learn to live with it.
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A step by step video to clarify some things for our visual-learning noobs.

1. How to host a basic server
2. Host to host a dedicated server
3. How to host custom maps (the problem most noobs have)
4. Tips and recommendations
5.  :z5:

How to Host a Server on GG2

Unfortunately, I thought that port forwarding should be pretty easy once you google it.
I didn't include a port forwarding tutorial.

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Re: Everything about Hosting!
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2010, 05:40:55 pm »

Wanna learn more?? Look at this more detailed guide with hosting!!

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