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Author Topic: Rules - Read before posting  (Read 2781 times)

Haxton Sale

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Rules - Read before posting
« on: July 04, 2011, 04:03:39 pm »

General rules:
  • Each contestant can submit as many entries as they want, but each in a different (sub)category. We'll try not to pick one contestant multiple times anyway.
  • One entry can be submitted in only one category. Meaning, you can't eg. submit one map in both art and design category. Change it at least a little bit.
  • If you want to submit another one (3rd), in a different category, please remove one of the previous entries.
  • Each contestant has to make his own topic in categories he wants to participate in. Topics' name should be "[SUBCATEGORY] [Username] - [title of the submission]".
  • You can post WIP images and discuss in your topic, but be sure to post your final entry in the OP (your first post).
  • You can change your entry as many times as you want, but make sure to change title in topic's name and post your work in the OP.
  • Scrap that, we allow cooperation in anything. But unless it's a non-sprite mod, only up to 2 people. And decide on who's the leader - his username should be in topic's name.
  • You can submit your entries for about 2 weeks after the contest starts (so around 27th July, but we may also give you some "overtime" after that, so it's not a complete deadline).
  • After submissions are closed, the jury will pick the 5 best entries from each category and let the community vote. Winners will be announced when we decide that voting should end.
  • You can submit entries finished/started before the contest has started in all categories except Mods and Maps.
  • You are allowed, or even encouraged, to add link to your entries in your signature
Be sure to read everything, not only the things in bold.
We might change the rules a little, but don't worry, we won't disqualify you just because. Most probably we won't disqualify anyone anyway.

MedO, mrfredman, Psychopath, Meower, Elkondo and Dr. Malpractice are not allowed to submit entries for quite obvious (or not) reasons.
If you think that you or someone else should not be able to submit entries, or if you spot someone breaking the rules, please send a pm to Elkondo or Dr. Malpractice. Or both.

If something seems unclear, or if you have some questions, please post your concerns in the Haxxy General board.

Be sure to tell everyone about our little contest. There is going to be a cool Gang Garrison update soon, but until then, "spread the word like wildfire!".

If you're new here, why don't you stay a while longer, and take a glance at Art created by our forum members. Also check out the Maps and Mods section, maybe you'll find yourself interested in them. Don't forget to introduce yourself and, of course, post your creations in sections mentioned above.
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