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Author Topic: Do any of you have that "100 ways to get kicked out of a public pool" topic?  (Read 3602 times)

Speed of Dark

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  • i've got more dust in m pinky than u kids bodyss

Tell me what I said to you on sunday five weeks ago
You didn't.
Six weeks.
Earliest Sunday was Mar 28th

Never tell your password to anyone.
Sunday, March 28, 2010
12:06 AM - [TJMIF] Joebucky Gettin Lucky: Workin on that z3 ball?
12:06 AM - Spud: Yes
12:06 AM - Spud: The texture isn't completely lines up right though
12:06 AM - Spud: because
12:06 AM - Spud: it's a ball
12:06 AM - Spud: and balls are round
1:14 AM - Sani (Tethering is awful): if i go offline for no reason that means i've tried closing malwarebytes and in retaliation it decided to spit out an overflow and my computer not onl
1:14 AM - Spud: ah i see
Sani (Tethering is awful) is now Offline.

favicon guru

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Thats nice dear


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Jesus that's awesome, spud has a potato library!
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