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Author Topic: READ THIS if your anti virus is reporting GG2 as a virus.  (Read 5897 times)

Chris P. Bacon

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READ THIS if your anti virus is reporting GG2 as a virus.
« on: April 01, 2010, 06:48:06 pm »

(I know you won't read this anyway, and you'll go posting away in some random topic about it)

The false positive thing is happening all over the GM community right now, currently at least A-Squared, AVG, Ikarus and VBA32 report GG2 (and probably a lot of other GM8 games) as infected. Kaspersky initially had the same problem but we already contacted them and they fixed it within a day. Unfortunately I can't find a way to send a report to AVG without being a customer, so could someone (or everyone) of you with AVG do it?

Edit: Kaspersky only fixed the problem for GM8, the old GM7 Gang Garrison is still reported as infected. Since we're switching to GM8 anyway I'd say it's not a big problem, but if it annoys you just contact them yourself.

Do everyone a favour and contact your antivirus provider and tell them about the mistake.

From AVG Forum: seems AVG has been fixed today.  Update!


I can confirm that the Trojan horse Constructor.EAK false alarm was removed in virus database update released today (2010-04-01 12:51:30 CET). Please update your AVG and check the issue.


However, other scanners might still be affected.
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