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Quote from Fun-Motion review: "Sumotori Dreams is a small demoscene game created by Peter Sotesz for the Breakpoint 2007 96k game competition (it took first). The premise is simple: two self-balancing physics rigs face off in a sumo ring. The first rig to fall over loses. The implementation is simple but satisfying, and is well supported by solid physics, decent lighting, and good camera work. You can play against a computer opponent, but the real fun is playing Sumotori against a friend on the same keyboard."

Demo -

Full Version -

<If you want full version, I'll give you my key: 6QA3Q-XB9GS-KMEL2-R1KL0-3NAFP >

Gameplay : Sumotori Dreams Gameplay


Tutorial on hidden spot for Demo only
Sumotori Dreams Secret

Update 2:

Hidden Keys: 7 - Freeze Time 8 - Slo Mo  9 - Speed Up (FrameSkipping) 6 - Crash Game.
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