Eternal Daughter Soundtrack (v1.1)

This soundtrack is basically just a compilation of the midi files provided (and named) by gia257, rendered with good instruments. I've tried to choose the most fitting instrument samples from a range of soundfonts for each of the songs and did some volume balancing and post processing. This is the first time I did anything like this, so feedback is very welcome. Just send a mail to . All music is from the excellent game Eternal Daughter by Blackeye Software and was originally created by David Saulesco, Oscar Francis and Nick Kraich.

You can support David Saulesco by buying his "10th Anniversary" version of the soundtrack on iTunes.

Entire Soundtrack:

  1. Eternal Daughter
  2. Sorrow
  3. A Distant Rose
  4. Brownie Forest
  5. The Unrest
  6. Shulin Blue Mountains
  7. March Of The Dungaga
  8. Divina Justitia
  9. The Power Of One
  10. Desert Man
  11. Trench-Coat
  12. Crystalis Town
  13. Ever Deeper
  14. Three Riders Tower
  15. Everything's On Sale
  16. Disease Of The Earth
  17. Mia's Lament
  18. Fate Of The World
  19. Final Battle
  20. Dramatic Space
  21. A Ditty